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If only Dad hadn't written that book, Conquering Life's Curves. Now he's gonna expect me to write one after I kick this cancer's butt.

Yep, u read right..he just couldn't keep all those bad health genes to himself! Actually, I think he was tired of me kickin' his tail on the golf course this past year, so he must have slipped one in my bag recently!

We've created this CaringBridge site to keep u updated. Start with My Story, then follow me in My Journal. 

Do visit often, peek at the Photo Gallery, & write me lots of notes in My Guestbook

As for me, I'm gonna "Keep Swinging!" (I think I've heard that somewhere before?)


Granny and Grandpop Hearn signed Cody's Guestbook.

Prayers have been answered!  What a brave soldier you have been Cody.  The Lord must be very proud of you. Your determination to keep up in school and sports is an ... Read more

Louisa Weinrich signed Cody's Guestbook.

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration for all of us!  We are glad to hear Cody is doing so well and making every moment count!  If he would ever like to come ... Read more

Don Vinnage signed Cody's Guestbook.

Although accomplishments are huge and recover a tremendous gift I expected nothing less. First Cody is Ed & Trish's son and they would tip the earth for him and then ... Read more

Becky Hulla signed Cody's Guestbook.

Cody You are such an amazing kid! I am so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. "Slacker" is definitely not in your vocabulary! I'm very happy to hear ... Read more

Bonnie Ross signed Cody's Guestbook.

Dear Hearn Family,  Thanks for latest update......All sounds so GOOD......God is listening !!!!!!!!!. You are all still  in our thoughts and prayers.. Love, Bonnie ... Read more

Bob Hodgdon signed Cody's Guestbook.

Cody, I've only met you but know your dad pretty well. You are an amazing chip off the block; your story is so encouraging. It's good to know a young person who endures ... Read more

Marlene magill signed Cody's Guestbook.

Way to go Cody, Trish and Ed.  So good to get an update on your continued progress.  I have worn pink all week thinking about many survivors I know and being a survivor ... Read more

Anne O'Brien signed Cody's Guestbook.

What wonderful news!  So glad Cody is doing well.  Keep the curls Cody - the girls love them!  Anne O'Brien Read more

Kathy Treese signed Cody's Guestbook.

Hi Cody, So glad to hear you are doing well!  We think of you and your parents more often than you know.  Congratulations on your accomplishments--does anything keep ... Read more

Lucy Krok signed Cody's Guestbook.

Hi Cody, Praise God that you are still in remission and that your other issues are correted or coming along.  God works in mysterious ways.  The other day my ... Read more

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