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Cody Austin’s Story

"Let's Tackle This!"

It has been a difficult few months for Cody and his family. And it doesn't look like life will be getting easier anytime soon. 

After a summer of stomach aches, weight loss, doctor visits, misdiagnosis and an emergency room visit, the worst fears were realized when we learned on September 6, 2012 that Cody has cancer in his stomach and liver.  

At this writing, we are still trying to determine exactly what form of cancer it is and what the treatment plan will be, but Cody is ready to tackle this enemy and Tony and Carol have put on their warrior suits. Courtney, too, is suited up and ready to line up beside her brother to beat back this threat. Extended family and friends and his doctors and nurses are also taking the field to support Cody.

The game is on and nothing less than a Super Bowl win will be accepted. As Cody's high school football coach, Jeff Huerta always tells his team - "All in as one."

Latest Journal Update

This is really frightening

The week started off on a high note with Cody accepting Jesus as his savior in a Baptism ceremony last weekend. Religion is not something our family has much experience with, but we are all happy that Cody is able to find strength, faith and comfort in this ceremony and in accepting Jesus as his savior.

The good feeling continued as Cody felt pretty good (as good as he can feel these days) in the early part of the week. I know the highlight of my week was having Cody toot his horn and wave at me when we saw each other on the freeway on Wednesday. He felt good enough to be driving! He felt good enough to notice the car! And he felt good enough to honk and wave to get my attention! I was happy all day!

Then came the news that the pain in Cody's abdomen had become so intense Thursday evening that a trip to the ER was needed. Pain meds were administered in the ER and by the early morning hours, Cody was admitted to a room and was finally able to rest comfortably. At 9am, he was reporting that he was pain-free. I can tell you we are thankful for the good drugs. Unfortunately, an abdominal scan showed that the tumors in Cody's abdomen are growing at a significant pace. The largest tumor is sitting on his celiac nerves, which is the source of his worst pain. In more bad news, the doctor thinks the chemo is probably the source of secondary pain Cody has been having in his chest. At this time, the doctor is suggesting Cody reduce or stop the chemo altogether to avoid this potentially serious side effect. Cody had not made a decision on this as of last night.

At this point, all efforts are focused on making Cody as comfortable as possible with as little narcotic effect as possible. To that end, Cody will be going back to Kaiser LA for a procedure to anesthetize the celiac nerve. This is technically a surgical procedure where a needle will be inserted into abdomen through his back to inject the nerves with anesthesia to deaden the pain. It is outpatient and he will be home the same day. This should buy him several weeks of being pain free (from that area anyway) and can be repeated if needed. More on this later.

For now, Cody is back home and is on much larger doses of pain meds and is resting quietly. Carol will be home this week to watch over and help him with the drugs and will, no doubt, be with him on his trip(s) to LA.

I keep reminding myself.......

Never Submit, Never Quit.....
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Shelly Seebold
By Shelly Seebold
Thank you for the update. I can just picture Cody tooting his horn at the pretty girls - so what if one is his Aunt. :) I am glad he was able to get some relief from the pain. I pray that God will watch over all of you and be by your side through this. Never Submit, Never Quit....
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Debbie Seymour
By — last edited
Prayers continue for your strength and determination to fight this disease. He is with you all the way.....God Bless you Cody!!
Renee Crawley
By Renee Crawley
Praying! He's a brave young man!
Julie Morgan
By Julie Morgan — last edited
We love you and pray for you daily. Psalms 121 is a powerful scripture that has helped me thru so much! As you are surrounded by hills and mountains, maybe this will remind you that You will never walk alone again! Big Hugs!!
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Carol Blount
Continue to pray for you Cody and hoping the meds help reduce your pain! Prayers were answered when you accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior....you are such a wonderful young man and we love you!!
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Lynn Chevalier
By Lynn C
Thinking about Cody and wishing him strength. NEGU.
Linda Finn
By Linda Finn
Praying for relief from pain for you Cody, and for continued strength for you and all your family.
Galene Townsend-Miller
By Galene Townsend-Miller
Love you dear nephew, I'm so glad you accepted Christ. You are precious and truly remarkable.
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Lisa Salamon
By Lisa Salamon
We love you Cody. We pray for you and your family every day.
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Tammy Burk
By Tammy Burk, Illinois
Praising God that Cody accepted Jesus as his Savior!!! There is a huge celebration going on in Heaven right now. They rejoice when one is saved. Praying for salvation for everyone in the family. I am sorry to hear of the tumor growth. "The Lord Your God is mighty to save. He will rejoice of you with gladness. He will renew you with His love. He will exalt over you with loud singing." Zephaniah 3:17
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