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"Let's Tackle This!"

It has been a difficult few months for Cody and his family. And it doesn't look like life will be getting easier anytime soon. 

After a summer of stomach aches, weight loss, doctor visits, misdiagnosis and an emergency room visit, the worst fears were realized when we learned on September 6, 2012 that Cody has cancer in his stomach and liver.  

At this writing, we are still trying to determine exactly what form of cancer it is and what the treatment plan will be, but Cody is ready to tackle this enemy and Tony and Carol have put on their warrior suits. Courtney, too, is suited up and ready to line up beside her brother to beat back this threat. Extended family and friends and his doctors and nurses are also taking the field to support Cody.

The game is on and nothing less than a Super Bowl win will be accepted. As Cody's high school football coach, Jeff Huerta always tells his team - "All in as one."


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