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Cody Austin’s Story

"Let's Tackle This!"

It has been a difficult few months for Cody and his family. And it doesn't look like life will be getting easier anytime soon. 

After a summer of stomach aches, weight loss, doctor visits, misdiagnosis and an emergency room visit, the worst fears were realized when we learned on September 6, 2012 that Cody has cancer in his stomach and liver.  

At this writing, we are still trying to determine exactly what form of cancer it is and what the treatment plan will be, but Cody is ready to tackle this enemy and Tony and Carol have put on their warrior suits. Courtney, too, is suited up and ready to line up beside her brother to beat back this threat. Extended family and friends and his doctors and nurses are also taking the field to support Cody.

The game is on and nothing less than a Super Bowl win will be accepted. As Cody's high school football coach, Jeff Huerta always tells his team - "All in as one."

Latest Journal Update

Friday Night Lights

Little did I know that my journal posting yesterday would be like a Gauntlet thrown in front of our warrior Cody. After I posted that Cody, in all likelihood, would not be attending the game last night, he decided to prove me wrong. By noon, he was dressed, eating and planning to attend the game. When he and Tony left for the game, all hope was that he would be able to stay for a quarter. Well, in true warrior fashion, Cody stayed and cheered on the Bears for the whole game!

And what a game! The Bears cruised to a 42-17 win over Tahquitz of Hemet to advance to play against San Gorgonio next week. Way to go, Bears!! And way to go, Cody!!

The Bears dedicated their 2014 season to Cody and I know he wants to be in the stands to cheer them on so it was a good night under the Friday Night Lights!

Never Submit, Never Quit
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Galene Townsend-Miller
By Galene Townsend-Miller
Love you always
Julie Morgan
By Aunt Julie
I am prouder every day of you Cody, Never Submit, Never Quit
Love you soooo much!
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Carol Blount
By Blount Family
It was so fun seeing you at the game Cody!! It was so nice to see your beautiful smile and hear you cheering on the Bears!! God is good....
Love you sweetie
Linda Finn
Wow!! God is good & Cody again I say you are such an inspiration!! Continued prayers...
Sandy St Croix
By Sandy
Way to go Cody!! Stay Strong, but you prove that all the time!!! 👍👍👍
Blessings from New Hampshire!
Kelly Raya
By Kelly Raya
It was great to see Cody at the game last night.
Lily Gregory
By Lily
It was amazing to spend the whole game with him!!! I heard him cheer, talk about what he wanted for dinner and pizza for today. Thank you Lord for placing Carol all those years ago in my life and then Tony and Cody I am truly blessed to call them FRAMILY !!! Love you all and Cody keep it up you are a light and inspiration to many😘
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Renee Crawley
By Renee Crawley
God is good, all the time. Congratulations to Cody for his "win" and to his Bears also! We'll continue to pray for miracles for Cody!
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