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A message from Claire

Hi everybody! This is Claire. Thank you for praying for me so much during my surgery and for all the other times you think of me and pray. I feel your prayers because I am getting better. I felt your prayers in the hospital too and they made me feel warm all over, like I was under the sun. Today I ate chocolate pudding pie for Easter because I couldn't eat my chocolate bunny. I did eat the Peeps because they are soft too but it was kind of hard to chew. I didn't get to go to church this morning but my mom stayed home with me. My dad brought communion from Fr. Bob and I got to receive it at home which was kind of fun. We had Easter dinner and it was hard to eat but it was good. I ate a little. Then I watched some movies. Right now I am watching The Bible movie on TV and watching how Jesus died on the cross and I know how much he loves me and all of us. It makes me feel sad that he suffered so much. I slept real good last night and didn't wake up in pain or need a pain pill until morning. I hope I sleep good tonight too. I still don't have much feeling in my nose and upper lip and can't smile but it's getting better. I hope you all had a happy Easter!!! My mom says that you are all my prayer warriors!I If I could I would give you ALL presents because you are very very good at praying for me all the time.
Thank you SO SO SO much!
Claire Irene Bevec