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Cindra’s Story

We created Cindra's Caring Bridge page because she has so many connections to people who know and love her.  Cindra was diagnosed with late stage renal cancer on October 4, 2012.  After a stay at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane,and with the assistance of family and Hospice, she chose to return to the beautiful, newly purchased country home she had just spent two days in with her partner, Gary Bowe.

Throughout the unexpected and and rapid progression of her illness, Cindra has focused on the needs and emotions of others. We know this is Cindra- head to toe! She articulated many times that she knows she is going to a better place.  Family and friends have rallied around Cindra. Most dear to her are her son Christopher, her daughter Victoria and her partner Gary.   

On December 28th, she moved to Hospice House of Spokane where she will complete her time with us. She was adamant that she did not want to share her journey via Facebook or other social media.  But for those of us who love her, we want to provide a forum of news and comfort for her last days.

We will make daily entries but feel free to connect personally as you are so  inspired.

Latest Journal Update

One Year

Cindra dancing with dad Don-how cute & precious is that!!!

Cindra dancing with dad Don-how cute & precious is that!!!

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Dear Friends,

I have been pondering just how to handle this day. Many ideas came to mind.  I decided that if the blog was still functioning I would write something today.  One thing that is still fresh in my memory is what a community you all were for Cindy, particularly at that difficult time at Hospice House. Amazing friends!

Although I have cried a bucket of tears over this year, once in a while I manage to have a funny or fond thought of her without those tears. Victoria has been reading old journals of her mom's from high school and can giggle at the antics and humor.  Healing is taking place at an ever so slow pace. One thing is sure, Cindy's spirit is with me and our siblings.  We miss her more than we could have ever imagined. She was the common denominator.

So today with Cathy, Collette and Victor in mind, I did as many of the things Cindra would have done and loved on a Saturday off that I could fit in before midnight.  I went by myself and on a mission. Here's the day: 

Costco Run- Gary knows how much Cindy loved Costco.  He might still be eating items from her last shopping trip!

Sears- Just passed by but Cindy had a talent for finding useful items of clothing for next to nothing (and was totally proud to tell you so).

Mongolian BBQ- Hu Hot in Spokane Valley was the meeting place for many family events. My fortune was "Eat dessert three times a week."  Yep.

Movie and Popcorn- I could never understand how Cindy and the kids knew every star and every story line.  Well it was because they saw virtually every first run movie.   I chose Saving Mr. Banks because when we were growing up our dad formed a pantomime troupe with the 5 of us kids and we performed at school and church events.  It was the Mary Poppins era and "Let's Go Fly a Kite" was included as our grand finale. Plus Cindy frequently referred to me as Mary Poppins.

Starbucks- Tall vente late please.  Cindra's drink of choice.  She was definitely loyal to Starbucks. Well they were closed by the time the movie was over but I tried.  

Cindra B. Shields

Dear Cindra,

We love you. We miss you. We're filling in for you as best we can. Don't make the angels laugh too hard.  Till we meet again.

Chellie, Cathy, Collette & Victor