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We created Cindra's Caring Bridge page because she has so many connections to people who know and love her.  Cindra was diagnosed with late stage renal cancer on October 4, 2012.  After a stay at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane,and with the assistance of family and Hospice, she chose to return to the beautiful, newly purchased country home she had just spent two days in with her partner, Gary Bowe.

Throughout the unexpected and and rapid progression of her illness, Cindra has focused on the needs and emotions of others. We know this is Cindra- head to toe! She articulated many times that she knows she is going to a better place.  Family and friends have rallied around Cindra. Most dear to her are her son Christopher, her daughter Victoria and her partner Gary.   

On December 28th, she moved to Hospice House of Spokane where she will complete her time with us. She was adamant that she did not want to share her journey via Facebook or other social media.  But for those of us who love her, we want to provide a forum of news and comfort for her last days.

We will make daily entries but feel free to connect personally as you are so  inspired.


Machelle Kelchner posted a new journal entry, "One Year".

Dear Friends, I have been pondering just how to handle this day. Many ideas came to mind.  I decided that if the blog was still functioning I would write something ... Read more

Sue Rusnak signed Cindra's Guestbook.

What a beautiful tribute to Cindra, Machelle!  So many times over the past year,  I will be sitting at my desk here at the Chamber, and out of the blue, a memory of her ... Read more

Gerry Kelchner Schlitz signed Cindra's Guestbook.

It is good to see your family got out and spent the day enjoying "the here and now"...we can never be too thankful for what we have and must remember to "love one another" ... Read more

Kathy Gallagher signed Cindra's Guestbook.

I found this today while trying to get the address. How are you 2 young folks doing? I miss working with your Mom, she is absolutely the most wonderful employer I have ... Read more

Sue Rusnak signed Cindra's Guestbook.

To Cindra's dear family,  Cindra's memorial service was beautiful! The beautiful program with her smiling face on the front, the poem in the back that Mel wrote was so ... Read more

Machelle Kelchner posted a new journal entry, "Planning Cindra's Service".

Over the last two weeks we have been processing the reality of Cindra’s passing, each in our own way.  The family and close friends have also collaborated to make her ... Read more

Arthur Shaw signed Cindra's Guestbook.

I had the privilege to be Cindra and Victoria's personal trainer for 3 months in 2010. They were always great to work with. All Cindra wanted was to be healthy in her ... Read more

Melinda Norman signed Cindra's Guestbook.

We are so very saddened to read about Cindra's passing in today's paper. Cindra has been a shining spot at so many home shows we did together these past years. We would ... Read more

John Pederson signed Cindra's Guestbook.

Dear friends and family, It is with deep regret that I will not be able to attend Cindra's service on the 26th. I wiill be out of town most of the week, and although my ... Read more

Machelle Kelchner posted a new journal entry, "Time of Service".

Cindra's service is set for 2 PM a week from today, Saturday, January 26th at Millwood Pres.  Her obituary will run tomorrow in the Spokesman Review.  It can also be ... Read more

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