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Wow what a great winter we have been having, but then I am not a snowmobiler or ice fisher. The only thing that I worry about is Chris falling as we have had several days of melting and refreezing. So far everything has been fine so maybe I should just stop worrying.

Everything is going good. I still see some improvements but they are getting less and farther in between. My school work has been pretty heavy so we are not making it to the gym like I would like but we will get there. We are both watching our diets closer and that seems to be helping for now.

He continues to volunteer at the hospital and that is probably the best thing for him right now. He plays bingo and poker on wed. nights and bowls on Thurs. nights so he gets out and socializes.

Although not much has changed I just wanted to touch base with all those that follow his story.

God Bless All