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     chris did not get a deer again this year but we all enjoyed the weekend and look forward to next year. They gave us some pointers for him to practice and so we will try to do some of that before next years hunt. Me and Chris tried to get a deer with the van on the Thrusday before we left and we were not even successful at that but it did make for an interesting weekend since we could not use the drivers door and had to crawl across the van. Glad it only took a week to get it in to get fixed. thank goodness we had 0 deductible on our comp (that was a nice surprise since I thought we had 500).

     Chris has joined Snap Fitness and we are hoping that will help with him back into shape. The trainer is going to set him up with a program tonight and he is going to commit to at least twice a week and try for more. Since I am working he does not get out for his walks and with winter coming it is only going to get worse so hopefully this works. I am not looking for it to all happen right away, it took two years to put the weight on and I suspect it will take longer to come off.