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Well it has been a month since I last updated. Chris is continuing to improve even though we are now past the magical 2 year mark where they say the improvements happen. Over the last month we have just been getting adjusted to the new schedule of me working and him taking care of the house and dogs.

Chris is going to sub on our bowling team this year. Lisa and Leah talked him into trying to bowl to see how it went. The first couple of throws were gutter balls and I think he was ready to throw in the towel but once we got him to stand different (since his wrist does not turn all the way) he did much better and in his first real practice game he bowled a 109 which I thought was amazing. His first sub night will be on October 6th. He also plays on our pool league and is doing good there as well.

This weekend we are going to the UFFDA hunt which is deer hunting for the disabled hunters. Chris really enjoyed last year even thou he did not get a deer. Both me and Larry will be going with him this year and I am hoping he has better luck.

I look back at last year at this time and he was still in his wheel chair for the most part and now he is walking on his own with no assistance. There is nobody that can tell us that he is done healing as I still see things coming back on a regular basis.

God Bless Everyone