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    Sorry I have not written in a long time but with the new job and schoolwork it has been hectic for me.

    They are looking at giving Chris a break from therapy for a while, They have to show continuous improvement for insurance to keep paying and he has currently reached a plateau that we are having trouble getting past. He has agreed to continue with some exercises at home to continue to stretch his muscles, If I notice him start to slide backwards I can call them and they will reevaluate him. I am afraid that this is not just a break as they put it but more of an end to it. 

    He does have a new challenge, he will be watching over Larry's dad for a while. Ray had a small stroke and the Dr wants him to be around other people 24/7 so he will be staying with us for a while. Chris has his med alert so if something happens during the day he can get help here quickly. It also gives Chris some company as I know the days get long for him sometimes.

God Bless Everyone!