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Steve and Christine’s Story

Hello family and friends! I have created this site to keep you all up to date on my progress through my treatment for recurrance of breast cancer. I want to thank you for the prayers being said for me and my family. We are clinging to faith to get us through this.

Chapter 2 of my breast cancer battle begins here: On November 6, I had a routine 2 year check up with my oncologist, Dr. John Waples at Clearview Cancer Institute in Huntsville. He said everything looked great. I was feeling good. He said I would have a PET scan (whole body scan that lights up when the radioactive injection finds cancer) in March which would be the 2 year out of chemo date. He asked if I had any questions or anything I wanted to talk with him about. I told him that lately I had been thinking a lot about a recurrance and I just couldn't get it out of my head. I was having trouble making it a day without feeling anxious about it. He said he would do a PET scan before Thanksgiving to put my mind at ease and not to worry. Well, about a week later I had a strange swollen area come up just above my collar bone. The next morning I called my surgeon who had a window of time between surgeries that day to see me. Quincy Hamilton drove me right up there. He gave me a VERY detailed exam and found nothing. He knew I had a scan scheduled and said we would see if anything showed up there. Well that scan was a week away and the day after, Friday, Dr. Waples told me that "something" showed up. I had a CT scan on Monday 11/24, needle biopsy 11/25, and was told Wed. 11/25 that it came back positive as a recurrance of my original breast cancer. It is in my lymph nodes in my collar bone area. Dr. Waples did not want me to wait and I started my chemotherapy treatment today...Friday, 11/27. I will have treatment each Friday for three weeks then have one week off. He didn't want me to wait for a port to be put in to use as an access for chemo, so I will have to have one put in next week. I have started on a drug called Abraxane. They will begin a second drug Avastin as soon as my port is in and healed completely. This is a tougher cancer since they can't remove a tumor through surgery and we must pray that the chemo shrinks and kills all the cancer cells. It is aggressive and fast growing. As soon as the chemo has wiped out the cancer, I will undergo radiation to my neck and chest. There is no schedule for any of this, we just go till we get rid of it! Again, that is our prayer! I purchased a shirt that has this on the back: "Life isn't waiting for the storm to pass. But it's learning to dance in the rain." My storm is here, I think I'm going to dance!