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New Video - Bioness / Electrical Therapy

Hi everyone,

Here's the latest update
fresh off the video cutting board!

I had a visit from a friend / former
co-worker Kevin last week, who brought along a camera to show the
latest from Neuroworx.  I have been working quite a bit with electrical
stimulation and a "Bioness" system that has been simply amazing.  An
electric current fires paralyzed muscles for me.  This prevents atrophy
and helps me walk.  I've worked with electrical stimulation since Day 1
after the accident, but never with the high tech Bioness system on my
leg.  We are trying to get a device of my own that I can wear all the
time (or maybe until I won't need it anymore), so our fingers are
crossed.  I do my best to explain it all in the video.

My left side
continues to show significant paralysis, yet it is still getting better
ever so slowly.  It's been nearly a year and a half since that fateful
August day, and the bruise on my spinal cord and the resulting scar
tissue remain (especially at the level that controls my arms /
shoulders), yet there are STILL signs of improvement, which is why we
have remained here so long.

and I are reaching the homestretch.  It's hard to believe we've been
here for an entire year.  It blows my mind.  I came to Utah on February
17, 2011 in a wheelchair with virtually no use of my arms, completely
dependent on others to take of me.  In April, I'll be driving myself
back to Indy. What was anticipated to be a 4 month stay, turned into
much more thanks to continued financial support from many of you.  My
entire family forever remains indebted and grateful.

As always thank you
all for your thoughts and support!