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Happy Holidays !

In case you haven't seen it, check out Chris' latest video... its the best Christmas present ever!   


Yes, it's Christmastime again...

time for reflection on the reason for the season,

time for celebrating family & loved ones, the greatest gifts of all,

time for resolutions and hope for the new year...

We're going on sixteen months since Chris' life-altering injury.  I've
said this before but it bears repeating in this Season of Goodwill.   My
overwhelming thought, after living the complicated world of spinal cord
injuries and knowing the progress and recovery that Chris has made, is a
deep gratitude for how fortunate we have been.  We know Chris is one of
the lucky ones.  There are many factors - but a crucial reason for his
success is the Chris Leeuw Special NeedsTrust Fund initiated by
Scott Jones and funded through your generous continuing donations.  In
the beginning we could not know how invaluable this was going to be.  We
couldn't know the real extent of the injury, the many complications,
the litany of prescription medications, the need for support &
adaptation devices, the ongoing doctors and specialists and therapists
involved, and the glacially slow rate of recovered function that is
inherent in a spinal cord injury.  The cost of Health Care is
inordinate, even with Insurance, and it is something that will continue
to be an an added burden for Chris.   

There is another reality we could not know, something that is difficult
to deal with on many levels.. it is the heart-wrenching continuing
battle facing anyone afflicted with this injury.  From day one we have
been in constant disputes and appeals with the Insurance Co. just to get
the help that he is due, let alone any extended help that is
unquestionably imperative for recovery.  It is a sad truth that the
therapy offered for a spinal cord injury is the same as for one with any
lessor injury, say a  broken hip.   That is why I say I will never look
at someone in a wheel chair in the same way again.  That is why Dr Dale
Hull's Foundation & Clinic, Neuroworx, is such a gift - and we are
indeed fortunate that Chris is able to continue this therapy.  The only
option for too many is to go home after six weeks of acute rehab, teach
family members to be caretakers, and adjust to minimal functioning -
which is what they offered to  us in the beginning.

This extended outpouring of love and support and encouragement from all
of you, dear family, friends, and even strangers, has meant everything
to us...

you've held us up and continue to be a source of comfort and yes, joy for our family...

and certainly our hope for the future. 

This is surely what Christmas is all about...

God bless you Every One!

Wishing you and yours the merriest Christmas ever and much happiness in the new year!

-from the Leeuw family