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First of all, Chicago was GREAT!

I have never seen Chicago so beautiful. 
Sunshiny splendor everywhere.. lavish flowers and autumn color bursting
in City Parks and in planters lining city sidewalks. And following
Allison on a morning practice run (friend Judy & me walking), we discovered a
Riverwalk down to Navy Pier & Lake Michigan.. and then of course the
ever magnificent towering skyline.   Downtown was literally buzzing
with excitement, 45,000 participants in the Chicago Marathon from all
over the globe...and with 100,000 spectators there were cheers and tears
and hugs of encouragement and accomplishment all around.

It was a thrill being there for Allison's Marathon Run with
Team Reeves for the Dana and Christopher Reeves Foundation.. from a
mother's perspective - pure pride and pure joy. 

..and in absolutely great form, bleary and beaming and ready to
celebrate with sushi and her favorite Thai food after her triumphant
have come to appreciate this new-found sport - it is an exhilarating
experience for the spectators as well as the runners, made especially so
when my sister Rhonda's kids, the Fishel cousins, run too, as my nephew Scott did on this one.

why were MY calves and knees sore the next day? .. well, Judy & I did some marathon walking & exploration of our

Meanwhile, back at Neuroworx...

it was a sad week as we said good-buy to our next-door-neighbors,
another Neuroworx family who are heading back home to South Africa...
such a warm and active and fun-loving family, we already miss them
dearly.  Before Jared's accident he had a single-minded plan for his
future.  He was a passionate and successful motorcyclist, an
up-and-coming contender for top racing awards.  But fate stepped in and
altered his path.

When he first came to Neuroworx I told him he would be a natural & should train for wheelchair races.

"WHEELCHAIR?" he responded almost indignantly, "I want to be a motor-cross racer!"

That was six months ago.
He has been working his heart out every day.  Although still in a
wheel-chair and with limited use of his hands, Jared has made remarkable
gains in
strength and adaptability.  Additionally he possesses an inner strength
and energy and warmth that will serve him well into a successful future.
  His mother told me several weeks ago that it was Jared who told his parents that they
needed to accept the reality of his situation.  His plans now are to
pursue a career in psychology.   He is twenty-one years old, with
maturity beyond his years, and already an inspiration to many.

And Chris is continuing along on his own hard-fought path.  He knows he
is one of the fortunate ones with the gains he has made but that doesn't
mean the road is easy or without frustrations... and it doesn't mean he
doesn't miss his old life or worry about the future.  A recent newscast
told the dreadful story of a child molester.

"Why don't spinal cord injuries happen to child abusers?" he said only half jokingly,

"I would have been a great dad."


He knows comments like that rile me.

"You ARE going to be a great dad," I tell him with all sincerity, "there is absolutely no reason why you can't." 

I do believe with all my heart there is some special someone out there who will
appreciate all his deep and kind and fun-loving qualities and who will
love him as much as I do.