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Chris’s Story

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On Sunday afternoon (8-8-10 @ 5pm), Chris sustained an injury that fractured the C4 and C5 vertebrae in his neck.  He was airlifted to Methodist Hospital (Neuro Critical Care Unit) in Indianapolis.  On Monday (8-9-10) at 2pm, Chris underwent surgery for 3-4 hours to fuse together the broken vertabrae and to stablize them from causing any further damage.  At the moment, Chris is mostly unable to move from the shoulders down. However, he has been able to move his right big toe and make his right arm muscles twitch. Also, he's been able to feel touch, tingling, and hot and cold from the beginning. He never blacked out nor did he sustain any kind of head injury. He has been alert and himself the whole time (unless medicated for pain or surgery). As one might expect, he is emotional and trying to process the whole thing, but he's fighting like a champ to stay positive. This is a critical time for his family and friends to rally around him and give him our full support.  Chris is currently at the Rehabilition Hospital of Indianapolis (38th and I-465 on the westside). Having visitors really uplifts his spirits.  The best time to visit Chris is between 6-9pm during the weekdays or anytime on Saturday or Sunday.    Please check the "Journal" section of Chris' profile for the latest developments !! 

Please be in prayer for Chris !!

If you'd like to speak with someone, feel free to contact me (Justin Davis) at 317-612-4737 or his mother (Monice).

Latest Journal Update

NeuroHope opens its doors!

In standing frame and upright for the first time since accident 3 years ago.

In standing frame and upright for the first time since accident 3 years ago.

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Hope is the thing withfeathers that perches in the soul.   And sings the tune without the words… and never stops at all.                                                                                       -Emily Dickenson

 This week - another milestone - for Chris, family, friends,supporters, and the world of SCIs.  Yes, NeuroHope opened doors to its temporary facility on February 20, 2015 and the first clients rolled in for extended therapy, smiles all around beginning with our amazing PT Nora Foster.  

Click here for an update and pictures:

I was surprised when Chris told me it was exactly four years ago to the day in 2011 when I took Chris in his wheelchair to a rehab facility near Salt Lake City called Neuroworx.  Such an amazing coincidence; memories flooded back.  Dr Dale Hull had suffered a paralyzing injury similar to Chris’ and had founded this elite facility for treatment of spinal cord and brain injuries when he discovered the critical need for more therapy after his accident. 

I remember so clearly our first conversations with Dr Hull months earlier via Skype with Chris propped up in his wheel chair.  It was the first time Chris was able to talk with someone at length who had been where Chris was.  It was the first sign of real life on Chris’ face as he peppered Dr Hull with questions … what he went through, what to expect, how did he feel, what is the physiology & options for recovery?  Dr Hull talked at length unrushed, with compassion & humor and captivated us all.  This was the first of many gifts that Dr Hull gave to us - the gift of Hope.

Chris didn’t receive the customary 30 days of therapy after being released from the hospital and nursing home – He received 1 ½ years of daily therapy at this specialty facility. And after that time, he gloriously walked out, drove home to Indiana, and went back to work.  It is no wonder that Chris became determined to make this life-saving gift available to the people of Indiana.

Chris could not have known at the outset everything involved in accomplishing this feat.  But he has pursued the project with passion and gusto. He has become an expert in the field; researching the latest in medical discoveries, traveling to other facilities around the country, meeting with experts in cutting-edge technology, is in conversations with health facilities and universities in the city, even meeting with key State Senators and testifying for awareness and State funding.

We are still a long way from the final goal and it is not something we can do alone.  The outpouring of love and support has been awesome and inspiring.. but we continue to need volumes of supporters and continued funding for high level equipment and sustaining resources.  (Click the above website)

Any and all who can assist as we move toward making NeuroHope a prime permanent Therapy and Wellness Center are welcomed with open arms. 

Thanks is such a small word… but the message it carries is truly beyond words.

-Monice Leeuw