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Mi historia

Thank you for the outpouring of love and concern for Chris in his life, and now Tracy and his family in his death. If you would like to assist the Klicka family in any way, click here.

Chris has had chronic progressive declining Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 15 years now. Every one we know who has this rarer type of MS lives about only eight years from the time of diagnosis, so we are especially grateful he has been able to continue to work full-time for HSLDA and be a faithful husband and father to 7 children.

Despite all the concentrated endeavors we've made using many therapies, diets, and supplements, last December Chris was in a car accident from a hit-and-run driver while driving by himself and his car was totaled. While God was merciful in that Chris had no concussion or serious physical injury, the trauma to his brain was enough to cause an increase of current and addition of new symptoms, including:

  • visual problems
  • hearing loss
  • loss of taste
  • loss of movement
  • loss of his right arm (on & off)
  • sleep problems
  • incontinence & bowel problems
  • growing loss of his left hand
  • tremendous difficulty walking & often standing
  • needing assistance for most everything now
  • growing joint pains & sores over his body

Most of these problems are new since the accident and a failed attempt to stop the progression of the MS with a heavy dose of prednisone in March.

Because of the pretty rapid progression of the MS from March until now, Chris pursued a 3-wk. clinical treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy at Miracle Mountain Children's HBOT Center in Creston, NC.

That period of treatment didn't produce any discernable benefit to Chris, and his symptoms continued to progress.

We kept trying to keep Chris' symptoms stable, but the hypothermia continued to bring his already low baseline temperature down.

With one last trip Chris wanted to make, Chris took a dramatic turn for the worse, and has now only a very little time left with us.

We thank the Lord for His grace & mercy, His sustaining power, and His provision of help from friends and family through these past several months.

Even as God has chosen not to heal Chris in this life, we know He is good! Our sins deserve only His righteous wrath, for which He himself paid the penalty by sending His son to die for us! There isn't anything greater the Lord could give us than His redeeming love and pardon for our transgressions!

All glory to His name! 

"Indeed, brethren and sisters in Christ, in one sense, all your prayers—that is, your  prayers that ought to be answered,—are already answered; for, whatsoever there may be that you may rightly ask of God, you really have it, since, in giving us Christ, he has already given us all things." ~ Charles Spurgeon


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