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Chris was involved in an accident while on duty. He is a police officer for the City of Beaufort. 

He was hit by a car while on duty working an accident that had happened previously that night. 

He was flown to MUSC because he had multiple injuries. His injuries are serious, but we are hopeful for his recovery. 

He is in the surgical trauma intensive care unit at MUSC. He has suffered multiple fractures including broken ribs. He is scheduled for surgery on Thursday. Although he is very alert and in good spirits the next few days will be critical to the speed of his recovery. Because of his rib fractures, breathing takes all of his energy and he is very easily worn out. Because of this we are asking that he have no visitors. 

I will update as often as I can, and do my best to answer any pressing questions. I am also setting up a Caring Bridge site for people to check for updates. If you do not wish to get the updates, please email me back and ask me to take you off of my list. Or you can check my facebook page if you prefer, just let me know. 

I am thankful that I have a place to stay in Charleston - and the Beaufort Police Department is taking very care of us as well as all of our family at Community Bible Church. The children are all safe and taken care of.

Below is the story from our local newspaper.

Charlotte Cushman

The Lord will keep you from all harm - He will watch over your life. Psalm 121:7


Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "Update Saturday 8-24".

Update - Saturday - Chris has been moved to an acute rehab facility here in Charleston. He is markedly better. Very much himself. This is the start of the most difficult ... Read more

Barbara Metcalf signed Chris's Guestbook.

Just checking in on you cushy, haven't heard much. Making sure you are doing what you're supposed to do and healing. Gods speed. Read more

Wayne Willis signed Chris's Guestbook.

 Chris, To your family I pray comfort and a quiet stillness in knowing that God is in charge and ever prersent. May God's Grace be felt all around, my friend. It ... Read more

Jan Rivera signed Chris's Guestbook.

...praying for Chris everyday (and you and the kids as well)!  Please let him know that he is in our thoughts and prayers and that he is loved dearly! Jan and Rob ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "Update Wednesday 8-21".

Sorry that I haven't updated. I have been very busy with Chris since last night. Now that he is active he needs me a lot. Chris has been in the chair twice today. It is ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "8-20-13 Update".

Some positive progress today!I am not sure if my updates have been really coherent for the last few days so let me recap. Chris has been intubated and on the ventilator ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "Afternoon 8-19".

The hospital staff was able to help Chris to sit on the side of the bed for a short time today. This is very good for his lungs. Still on the ventilator, but we will try ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "8-19-13 Morning".

No real change in status... Chris is resting comfortably and we will be trying again to extubate today. Praying!Matthew 6:34Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "Update Saturday 8-17".

Chris is resting comfortably again today. He had a good night. They are continuing to wean him from the ventilator as a result of his surgery on Thursday. He is still ... Read more

Charlotte Cushman posted a new journal entry, "Update Friday 8-16-13 - Morning".

Chris is resting comfortably this morning. Please pray for the Lord to continue to help him to recover from his injuries. The next few days will be critical as they try to ... Read more

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