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Sunny Blue Eyes

Hard to tell which was more beautiful this morning, the sunny day that awoke to greet us or Chris's bright blue eyes, no it isn't, Chris wins. He not only greeted us with a smile and love but was closer to his normal self today! He was a bit embarrassed but had to ask how he ended up in the hospital since he didnt remember anything about yesterday. Whereas yesterday he had short and sometimes incorrect answers as to his location and the year and other details, he passed with flying colors today. His next question for us was why werent we out playing. He wanted to know what fun we had yeasterday and what was on the agenda. for today. He wasnt particularly happy that we spent yesterday watching him sleep and kept trying to kick us out of his room today. Luckily we were saved by the nurses telling us the doctor would be along shortly so we were allowed to stay until we got the latest news from the doctor.

The doctor told us that they were able to confirm that it was an infection as they had suspected and they identified the general type which would be treated best by theantibiotic he had been on since the ER. He said his goal was to keep the fever down for at least 2 days and show improved mental function (back to normal) before releasing him. Given todays improvements they dont see a problem with us making our flights on Saturday but gave us information about a service to help change our plans if needed. They really have thougt of everything! Everybody has been so helpful and caring throughout this process including the hotel that called to check on Chris's progress.

Thank you for your thoughts love and prayers. We are looking forward to getting him out soon and enjoying. ..the rest of the story...I mean, our vacation.