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Aloha from the Big Island

I know updates are important, and I hate doing them. We are still waiting onthe new chemo to be available for compassionate care, even though my work was interrupted one night when I heard a male voice on TV talking about a new Chemo being released for colon cancer survivors. Wow, I love the tivo's. So I wrote down the name of the chemo and a bit about it to ask the Doctor. So off to chemo we go, all enthused that we would get the new chemo, but no, the doctor told us that it was not ready, still. So we did the old chemo and we are still waiting for the newest to come out.....
Ok, so why not head out somewhere for some needed R&R. Next thing I know, I am staying. up all night cleaning house, finishing packing, and we leave the house around 4 am, to Oahu, one stop in phoenix. One bag has fluids, and medical supplies, then a carry on each forChris, Jen, and myself. Into Oahu for a quick tour of the island, including PearlHarbor which we really appreciated because of our parents. Then off on the plane again to the big island. We settled in the first day. Chris 's first choice of places to explore on the big island were the volcanos. so we headed to Volcano National Park where we were able to see craters. of the past and the glow of the currently active volcano which absolutely thrilled Chris!
This morning we were gearing up for a relaxing day headed south to Kona but Chris wasnt acting quite right. Mostly he was lethargic and seemed like he might have a temporature. We called an abulance and by the time we made it to the hospital his teperature had increased to. over102*. The first round of Tylenol brought that down eventually to 100.2. We spent the day in the ER but Chris was admitted in the evening. The Dr. thinks it is probably an infection that is taking its toll because chemo has taken most of the natural defenses out. They are currently watching over him and running tests to identify the source of the infection.
We look forward to being with him again tomorrow and getting more information. We will update as we can but the hospital does not allow interntet use so please be patient with us.