Make Sure Chris Is Not Alone This Holiday Season

Your contributions to Chris's journal this year made sure that they never felt alone. Your tax-deductible donation in Chris's honor will make sure that Caringbridge continues to bring hope and healing to those who need it most.

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Help for the Family -From Mark

Hi Everyone, its Brogann’s
brother Mark.  As many of you know, a large
portion of Chris and Brogann's family will be traveling long distances to
support and say goodbye to Chris.  Unfortunately,
there is a significant financial burden of the travel, accommodations, as well
as lost income from missed work.  It’s a source
of anxiety which, we all can agree, is just not right at a time like this.   To help
relieve some of this financial stress, a fundraiser has been started which we
hope will allow everyone to focus on what's important in the time we have left
with Chris.   If you would like to contribute, please visit
the link below.  Any and all
contributions are welcome and very appreciated. 

Thanks in advance,