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Chris’s Story

Chris Sanderson, age 38, was diagnosed with a grade IV glioma, malignant brain tumor, Glioblastoma Multiforme in December 2008. He has a wife, Brogann, and two little girls, Stevie (6) and Clementine (4). He coaches professional lacrosse and runs his own lacrosse business.


Please use this site to channel positive energy and words of encouragement to Chris and his family.

10/15/08 grand mal seizure, MRI – benign tumor left frontal/temporal lobe grade 1

12/9/08 MRI – significant growth concerning for GBM

12/22/08 Craniotomy with gross total resection at Duke University Medical Center by Dr. Allan Friedman, pathology GBM

1/12/09 – 2/23/09 6 weeks radiation therapy w/ Dr. Lustig at UPENN with concurrent low dose Temodar and Avastin every 2 weeks

3/17/09 Started on patient specific regimen including EGFRvIII peptide vaccine, Temodar 200mg/m@ daily for 5days/mo, Bevacizumab 10 mg/kg every 2 weeks.  Care managed for 2 years by Dr. David Reardon (Duke, later Dana Farber) and Dr. Peter Phillips (CHOP/UPenn).

3/14/11 s/p 24 cycles of Temodar 200 mg/m2 for 5 days/mo and s/p 27 doses of Avastin every 2 weeks.  MRI showed enhancement, PET showed increased metabolic activity.  Biopsy to confirm recurrence scheduled with Dr. Friedman at Duke.

3/17/11 biopsy of left temporal area by Dr. Friedman at Duke.  Pathology c/w recurrent GBM, MGMT promoter methylated, IDH 1 negative

3/25/11 Gross total resection by Dr. John Yu at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.  Dendritic Cell Vaccine with Imiquimod started.

4/13/11-4/15/11 Radiosurgical boost by Dr. Lustig and UPenn while awaiting vaccine trial

5/13, 5/27, 610/11 Dendritic Cell Vaccine with Imiquimod trial at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center.  Discontinued trial and resumed Avastin.

7/28/11 Resumed systemic therapy with Avastin with Dr. Reardon at Dana Farber Cancer Institute.  Daily Etoposide and daily Verinostat both attempted but poorly tolerated and discontinued.

11/15/11 MRI showed new enhancement.

12/20/11 Underwent biopsy with injection of Tocagen and started Flucytosine regimen as part of Tocagen trial with Dr. Vogelbaum.  2 doses of Flycytosine until 2/22/12

3/15/12 MRI showed tumor progression.  Tocagen trial discontinued.

3/22/12 Craniotomy, partial resection (approx. 60%) debulking by Dr. Don O’Rourke at Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

4/12/12 Intraarterial Erbitux/Cetuximab infusion trial by Dr. John Boockvar at Weill Cornell Medical Center

4/26/12 Novocure Device, JFK Hospital in Edison NJ, Dr. Landolfi

5/15/12 Antisense trial, Dr. David Andrews, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Latest Journal Update

Canadian Memorial Service

Here are the details for Chris's Memorial in Canada:

Sunday July 15 2012 3pm
Orangeville Baptist Church
Hwy 10 north and Hockley Valley Road 
Get together afterwards at Boston Pizza