Just what I wanted to hear!

I was just telling Lisa the other night how much I missed walking in the door from work and having Chaser run across the room and jump up into my arms and tell me he loves me- I would squeeze him hard and ask for sound effects....grrrr he would grumble from his throat...9 xs out of ten he would say "K-done dad..let go" because I always held him too long. Well tonight I was brought back to those moments. I got home, put chaser in my arms and he started to speak to me!!! Ok, so he wasn't quite a singing a song or anything, but hearing a little voice there, and seeing him move his tongue - was music to my ears... It really seems like he has kicked it into high gear these last couple weeks!

Here is a link to the video I posted of Chase "talking"


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What's not to love about that posting?! Holy Cow that is awesome. Hearing his little voice is beautiful music!
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