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This is one of my favorite recent pictures of Chaser.  No, its not the cutest picture of him, nor does his little bed look the cleanest it ever has- but its what took place here that really gets me pumped!  So 2hrs prior to taking this picture (3am this morning)- I had just suctioned him, and put him on his right side, with his back resting against the white pillow in the middle of the picture.  Assured he was breathing good and comfortable, seeing his eyes shut- I shut mine as well and quickly amped back to REM sleep.  At 4am, what seemed like minutes later, I awoke to the familiar "chomping" Chaser does in his sleep when he has saliva build up .  Ready to start the suction again and spring into action, I tapped the light sensor to illuminate his corner and glanced over to his little bed 2ft away.  Wow- was I dreaming?  I rubbed my eyes, looked at the clock, and looked back at Chaser- There he was, eyes completely open focused straight up and chomping away- but his body had turned from his side, to his back, rotated 90 degress....and his hips and legs had rotated too.  I got up to rotate him back to his side, but I just stood there in awe.  It was only months ago that we were rejoicing because he was wiggling his toes- and now he was doing night time acrobats in his bed!  After absorbing the image in person for a few minutes, I grabbed my phone, snapped this shot to show mom,  put him back on his side and laid there waiting for him to do it again.  I didn't see anything else happen before I drifted back to sleep, but what I did see in this picture was the Big Guy answering our prayers and continuing to heal our little dude.  We truly have a lot to be thankful for, and I am looking forward to keep adding to that list!  Enjoy whats left of your weekend-and the Masters! 

God is Good!

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Linda Dastou
By Linda Dastou
What an amazing story. I would love that picture too. God bless him.
Amy Hollan
By Amy Hollan .
Such a cute picture. Thank you Jesus for healing this little dude in your own time. You are an awesome God! Keep up the work Chaser. Amy Happy Holy Week!
Tracey Schowalter
By Tracey Schowalter
Amen! I am amazed at how he's progressed. Those big brown eyes just melt my heart. Good work Chase!
Sue Dueber
By Sue Dueber
So cool!!! Acrobats -- yet another step, rather leap, in the right direction! Thank you for sharing that story! Way to go Chase!
Becky Hager
By Becky Hager
Wow! We are continuing to pray for your precious little chaser. This is a season of miracles. we praise. God for each little miracle that you are seeing
Dan DeHaan
By Dan DeHaan
I keep asking God for glimpses of what He will do for Chase.....
Ellie and Robert Schnell
By Ellie and Robert Schnell
What wonderful, incredible news! We are praying each day for those miracles that He gives every now and then. We are looking forward, with faith, that many more will come.
Tricia Netland Wencel
Awesomeness! What a cool moment! Chase, looks like you sleep just like my Isaac. He is 6 and is all over the bed! Have a great week, superhero!
Melinda Swift
By Mindy
We thought a lot about Chase and your family this week. It was almost a year ago when my husband called me from the ship, as he was on vacation with our two boys and his brother because we had just had our third child and he was too young yet to go aboard (only 2 months old). He was distraught and crying because he had just assisted in reviving Chase poolside. He told me that when he looked down at Chase he kept imagining the face of our boys and how easily it could have been one of them on that pool deck. When we boarded the ship last week I could tell that he was thinking about you and your family and seeing the life guards there, it was a constant reminder for us. I still follow and read every post about Chase and we pray for his recovery. Your family is one of the strongest and most beautiful and to see how you have rallied behind Chase is awe inspiring. Keep fighting and we will always be one of Chase's Warriors.
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