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Lets Play Hockey!!!

The puck drops in T-Minus 25 mins.  The garage is prepped, cleaned (as good as that can get), grill is warming up, burgers and brauts ready for cookin and Chaser comfy in his recliner, with the best view of the projector screen in the garage.  Its Sioux vs. Gophers - winner goes to final in Frozen Four!!  Chaser is doing great.  He and mom were down at Mayo this morning, where he took a little rester, and they injected Phenol into his extremities.  He handled it great, recovered great, and we are looking forward to a great night with the neighbors celebrating some Awesome college hockey Rivalry.  LETS PLAY HOCKEY!  Go Sioux!!!

God is Good!  (So are the Sioux!!)  :)
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Sue Dueber
By Sue Dueber
Chaser! Looking good with all your Sue, I mean Sioux, green gear! Sorry the game didn't come out the way you wanted... I hope your Dad is doing okay!! Coach Dueber is happy though, and we need a happy coach for a good start to the Magician season! Can't wait to see you in your Magician red (not orange this year!)! With your improving alertness and strength, you should be able to enjoy seeing some good action out of Tanner and those boys! Have a great day and days ahead with more and more baby steps and leaps each in them!
Al and Sandy Kubesh
Just hearing that you are doing well fills my heart with joy and love!
LuAnn Billmeier
By LuAnn Billmeier
Were happy to see all the progress you've made in the first year Chase. God has certainly heard our prayers, and will continue to keep you in my daily prayers. Keep up the hard work with therapy. I look forward to Mom and Dads weekly reports of your progress.