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Rockin -n- Rollin to the 80's

With this winter having the same "don't quit" attitude as Chaser, we have had no choice but push him in his exercise trike around the kitchen and living room to get some exercise.  He seems to enjoy the 120 foot loop while jamming to dads favorite tunes in the back ground- Hair Guitar!- that is, until we occationally bump into a corner or the couch....that startles him a bit :) .   We are officially out of vacation mode, back to the real world and doing well.  Tanner has started up his AAA spring hockey and excited to be back with all his buds.  Ava is busy with dance practice and looking forward to her weekend competitions coming up in May- and when shes not at dance, she is busy making up dances with her friends that she loves to have mom and dad watch....and watch....and watch  :) 

Chase is recovering from a couple day cold.  It was nothing serious- a few sleepless nights of constant suctioning, and extra vest treatments- he's almost back to his norm.  He continues to have great periods of strong apparent awareness..  following mom and the kids at school with his eyes.  We have not mastered the formula thing yet.  He went almost 2 days without throwing up, and then we went a couple days that it was tough for him to keep it down.  Im sure it was his cold-  I spoke with his dietitian and we came up with a couple different plans to try- I'm confident we will figure it out, its just a matter of time.   
I received a humbling phone call a couple of weeks back.... Back in Feb, a friend of ours asked if we minded if he suggested Chase for a golf benefit he had been attending for the last 3 years.  Sure, I told him- and I didn't give it another thought.  The day before we left for Florida, Jean from the Keys Cafe called me.  She explained who she was and went on to tell me that they had chosen Chase this year to be the recipient 
for their annual Key's Cafe Golf Charity....

Wow!- I didn't know what to say- a group of complete strangers were donating their time and effort to help out our little dude - who they had never even met.- Wow!...  It just boggles my mind  how kind and generous people have been to us.  I want to thank all of you involved with the Keys Charity event for choosing Chase, and all of you reading this - for your constant thoughts and prayers.  We know we couldn't get through this without the Big Guy, and it helps a ton having your support.  

God is Good!

Thanks, Chris
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D. Elaine Wood
By Elaine Wood
So happy for the progress Chase has made and is making and now the golf tournament too.
Glad you had a good time in Florida....and spring is coming ....I believe for you in MN.
Praying for you here in OK.
Love and hugs.
Jeanne Lippert
By Kurt, Jeanne, Lauren & Mark Lippert
Great news, great news!! You all deserve it. We are all thinking of you.
Carnalee Lykken
By Carnalee Lykken
Awesome news about being chosen by the Keys Charity Chase!!!!! I hope this weather finally shapes up and you are able to be outside cruising the neighborhood on your exercise trike!
Rachel Schneiderman
By Rachel Schneiderman
Congratulations Chase on being chosen as the recipient for the annual Key's Cafe Golf Charity. They have chosen a great little! We all are getting tired of this winter and certainly understand, we want the great outdoors. Hang in there, it has to be here soon.