Chase’s Story

 On March 30, 2013 - Chase suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by a near drowning accident in a pool while on vacation .He was without oxygen,  non-responsive and no heartbeat for several minutes.  It is a Miracle that he is here with us today. Thanks to some truly selfless, quick reactions from strangers poolside, a vast number of incredible medical professionals, and the Lords hands -he has been given a second chance at life. 

 We spent 11days at Arnold Palmer Children’s in Florida,  - once stabilized, we cameback to MN- where we stayed at Gillette's Children's Hospital in St.Paul.  Here he spent 3 months working vigorously in therapy, and improving his health.  Overcoming almost impossible odds, he was given the clearance to head home and continue his recovery in the company of his siblings - (Ava 8yrs old, Tanner 10yrs old) and his puppy Carly. He no doubt has a long and difficult recovery process ahead of him, which we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to guide him through.  Chaser is a strong willed little 5 year old who has what it takes to get there!  We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support, and look forward to updating you along his journey to a complete recovery!  God is Good!  

Latest Journal Update

Let the Casting Begin....

All of Chasers little buddies lined up to sign his green (as close to Sioux Green as we could get) casts at school the last couple of days.  Judging by Mrs. "S"'s good reports, had was glad to be back at it.  He had the first of a series of 6 casts put on his feet Monday.  For the next 5 weeks they will be adjusting his feet a little more each time and hard casting them into position.  Hopefully once done, he will be able to maintain the full range he once had.  The phenol and botox seem to have done their job.  His biceps were not as receptive to the injections as his feet were, but we are hoping to discuss some bracing and stretching techniques next week with Gillettes to get them there as well.  Its going to take some time, but we will get them there.  Chaser has been a champ this entire process!   The fact that he continues to press on and keep the encouraging good demeanor throughout it blows our minds! Next week he starts Hippo therapy in Minnetonka. Lisa is pumped to try something new and different with him.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

God is Good!