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Chase’s Story

 On March 30, 2013 - Chase suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by a near drowning accident in a pool while on vacation .He was without oxygen,  non-responsive and no heartbeat for several minutes.  It is a Miracle that he is here with us today. Thanks to some truly selfless, quick reactions from strangers poolside, a vast number of incredible medical professionals, and the Lords hands -he has been given a second chance at life. 

 We spent 11days at Arnold Palmer Children’s in Florida,  - once stabilized, we cameback to MN- where we stayed at Gillette's Children's Hospital in St.Paul.  Here he spent 3 months working vigorously in therapy, and improving his health.  Overcoming almost impossible odds, he was given the clearance to head home and continue his recovery in the company of his siblings - (Ava 8yrs old, Tanner 10yrs old) and his puppy Carly. He no doubt has a long and difficult recovery process ahead of him, which we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to guide him through.  Chaser is a strong willed little 5 year old who has what it takes to get there!  We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support, and look forward to updating you along his journey to a complete recovery!  God is Good!  

Latest Journal Update

Without a Shadow of a Doubt!

Sometimes you have to look backwards to see the forward progress.  Lisa and I and I have struggled this last week to keep our head up and stay away from the doubtful thoughts.  I spent the other night looking back on the journals we had posted just to see how far Chaser has come.   While I read about, and watched the videos of the numerous hurdles he pounced over, the enormous odds he has overcome - not only did I see his amazing progress, I felt the same intense exciting emotions as if it were happening right then.  There is NO Doubt that he is with us and that he has come a LONG way!  As to how far is he going to go?....I guess thats the question we are struggling with.... and only God knows the answer.  To be honest, this is by far the hardest part of our situation- and that is where faith comes in.  Faith that we know God is going to take care of him, faith that we are going to make it through this and end up on top- Our entire family!  Until we cross that finish line, we will help our little dude in any way possible and do our best to have a smile plastered on our face while doing it.  It sure would be a Huge boost to see a smile from his .... a real smile....a smile that tells us he is happy!  
Grandma and Gramps Lykken stopped by to visit for a few days and share some smiles!  With the kids having no school for MEA, we where able to get out and enjoy one of our favorite seasons here in Minnesota (the other being Hockey, which is 11 months out of the year :) ).  We made it out to one of Clearly Park to push Chaser on his trike and check out the scenery. We took the pontoon out for its last voyage of the year and even managed to find a few of the evasive walleye in Prior- After a few hours of me taking everyone to my "secret" fishing spots catching nothing but a little perch- Tanner and Ava fished off the docks at the Knotty Oar while we were buttoning the boat up and caught a couple walleye!  Chase is doing much better with the stomach meds prior to eating.  He has only had a few times with obvious discomfort.  He is still throwing up sporadically,  but not as often.  Lisa has continued to feed him the Puree food threw his G-tube, while letting him taste whats going in his belly at the same time. He made it clear he doesn't like the pumpkin-spinach-mango....Who could blame him!  She bumped it up to 70ml today, and he has kept it down.  Hopefully this is sign of great things to come.  We are planning on continuing this, slowly increasing for the next week- and then we are going to switch to bolus feeding (quick 400ml in about 3-5mins, versus 1hr) , rather than using feeding machine for 1 feeding a day.  His breathing is getting much better, with more quiet times than snoring.  It looks like the operation had some success.  Chase continues to stay healthy by dodging the colds and strep bugs that seem to be floating around.  They are all back to school tomorrow...unfortunately mom seems to be the only one excited about this.  Have a great week.  Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers.

God is Good!  

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Joan and Tom Gill
You will all be in our thoughts as we blow our prayers out the window on I-29 and over to Prior Lake, as we wind our way from Winnipeg to Mesa AZ. We read your words with great emotion as your journals show up. Chris and Lisa, you are the best parents ever, and Tanner and Ava, Chase is so lucky to have you for a brother and sister. Love you all. Joan and Tom Gill
Amy Ritchie
By Amy Ritchie
You make your own puree foods???? Would love to try something different for Brody!!
Brendan O'Neill
Hey Lykkens -

You folks are incredible...the transparency into your thoughts are inspiring, eye opening and true. It is absolutely a fact that Chase has come a long way. We wish you strength and happiness each day.

Thinking about you...
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Sue Dueber
By Sue Dueber
Thoughts and prayers continue for smiles, smiles, and further progress, including the love of pumpkin-spinach-mango! Okay, that part may be pushing it, but for sure praying so hard for all of you. I am anxious to see more of all you this hockey season!
Love to you all... XXXXOOOO
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peg hofer
By Peg
May God continue to shower your family with his everlasting love peace
Rachel Schneiderman
By Rachel Schneiderman
Doubt, fears, concern..........deep down emotions one often has within them.......they may come and almost always go. That unanswered question? Imagine this happening to you without faith.............I can't imagine! As I am sure that you can't either. Only by the help of our Lord can you survive. That is the answer. Keep the faith, lean totally on the Lord, as he knows what he is doing. Friends and family will always be your prayer warriors, I am praying for mom and dad also. Stay strong........you are understood. So happy that you and family were able to have a fabulous MEA weekend.
Tami Olmen
By Tami Olmen
Stay strong, Lykken family. You have all taken this journey with dignity, pride and courage and you are so amazing and inspiring. Chase will continue to make strides- he has come SO far and will continue to do so!! One day soon you will see that smile you've been waiting for. Until then, we are all smiling and sending love your way to give you strength. Love you all!
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Wendy Gorham
By Wendy Gorham
Keep your faith strong and remember that your little dude is in my daily prayers. Like a warm blanket of comfort, prayer is a powerful recovery factor.
vicky boutwell
By Vicky Boutwell
Your posts are always so informative. Sometimes they make me smile or laugh, sometimes my heart just hurts for what you have gone thru, and challenges yet ahead, but always they give me direction on how to pray for you. I can't imagine what a true smile from Chase would mean to you. I am going to start praying for that blessing for your family.
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C J Cord
By C J Cord
Do not let your faith waiver. Chase has made so much progress since his accident and will make a lot more - in God's time. We will continuing for Chase and all of the Lykken family. Our God is an awesome God
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