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Chase’s Story

 On March 30, 2013 - Chase suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by a near drowning accident in a pool while on vacation .He was without oxygen,  non-responsive and no heartbeat for several minutes.  It is a Miracle that he is here with us today. Thanks to some truly selfless, quick reactions from strangers poolside, a vast number of incredible medical professionals, and the Lords hands -he has been given a second chance at life. 

 We spent 11days at Arnold Palmer Children’s in Florida,  - once stabilized, we cameback to MN- where we stayed at Gillette's Children's Hospital in St.Paul.  Here he spent 3 months working vigorously in therapy, and improving his health.  Overcoming almost impossible odds, he was given the clearance to head home and continue his recovery in the company of his siblings - (Ava 8yrs old, Tanner 10yrs old) and his puppy Carly. He no doubt has a long and difficult recovery process ahead of him, which we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to guide him through.  Chaser is a strong willed little 5 year old who has what it takes to get there!  We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support, and look forward to updating you along his journey to a complete recovery!  God is Good!  

Latest Journal Update

Serious Serial Casting!

It's been a great week in Chaser's world. He's had a really good week of therapy and it looks like we are on another good run with little vomiting! He had his casts replaced on Monday with new ones, to a little more stretching. Unfortunately they stretch them a little too much and he had a day of obvious discomfort. Lisa took him back Monday evening and had them redone. He seems comfortable with them now. She snapped this picture of his wrist when they removed the casts. This is the most flex we have seen in his wrists in over a year! His flex was a -110 and after two weeks of casting it's at + 20 degrees. By next week the therapists are thinking we can get to a +90. I couldn't tell you what that means- but I'm good with math, and trust me, it's a positive!! Thank you all for your prayers and support have a great weekend!

GOD is Good!
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Carnalee Lykken
By Carnalee Lykken
Happy to hear about the improvement!!! are such a ROCK STAR!!!!!
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D. Elaine Wood
By Elaine Wood
Great news. Continue praying for Chaser and each of you. Hugs too.
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Andy Koenig
By Andy Koenig
Thanks for keeping so many of us informed as we follow Chase on this journey----you are such great parents. God bless each of you~~~~~~
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