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Chase’s Story

 On March 30, 2013 - Chase suffered an anoxic brain injury caused by a near drowning accident in a pool while on vacation .He was without oxygen,  non-responsive and no heartbeat for several minutes.  It is a Miracle that he is here with us today. Thanks to some truly selfless, quick reactions from strangers poolside, a vast number of incredible medical professionals, and the Lords hands -he has been given a second chance at life. 

 We spent 11days at Arnold Palmer Children’s in Florida,  - once stabilized, we cameback to MN- where we stayed at Gillette's Children's Hospital in St.Paul.  Here he spent 3 months working vigorously in therapy, and improving his health.  Overcoming almost impossible odds, he was given the clearance to head home and continue his recovery in the company of his siblings - (Ava 8yrs old, Tanner 10yrs old) and his puppy Carly. He no doubt has a long and difficult recovery process ahead of him, which we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to guide him through.  Chaser is a strong willed little 5 year old who has what it takes to get there!  We would like to thank all of you for your prayers and support, and look forward to updating you along his journey to a complete recovery!  God is Good!  

Latest Journal Update

Back to Gillette's for a swallow study

"Back to Gillette's for a swallow test"

Well fortunately Lisa and I understand that we aren't in control of this journey we are on, but GOD is. Had we been in control, we would have been pretty disappointed today. As we prepped and coached Chaser the entire trip down 494 and up 35E for his big swallow test at Gillette's this afternoon, we were both convinced we were about to bring our little champ up to bat and he was going to hit it out of the park! With all of great swallows he has had in therapy and at home, there was no way our dream of starting to send food to his stomach orally wasn't about to come true. As I put Chase into the chair and watched the gals slide him into the big X-ray machine, I looked over at Lisa. With a big smile on her face, she was pulling out everything she had packed from home to assure success this time- Chase's favorite apple sauce, the perfect spoon, the tickler, and even a sponge to get his chomping started. She then mixed the radioactive food with his apple sauce. She took a big scoop and rubbed it on his tongue- the cameras started rolling. We watched on the screen as the food danced around his mouth with no apparent intent of going down his throat. Where are the swallows we have seen?. "Come on Chaser, swallow buddy" After two long minutes of adding more food, opening and closing Chases jaw, we finally saw the dark mix start to slide down......and then.... It stopped .... and headed back up into his nasal cavity. Watching this a couple of times, we shut the test down. It looks like it wasn't meant to be just yet-but looking at Chase sitting there, you would have thought he hit a grand slam! Not a moan, a sigh, or even a frown- just those incredible big brown eyes piercing into mine. Our little dude had done the best he could -he will be ready next time! We had a brief discussion on the test with the gals and headed towards the elevator. I pushed 4 on the board and got ready to take a walk down memory lane. Neither of us spoke a word, but we didn't have to. Fortunately,when we hit the old rehab loop of rooms that housed Chase for 3 months, we ran into some familiar smiles that lifted us right back up. A few of the nurses that had taken such good care of him, (and Us) 2yrs ago were working. They were as excited to see Chase as he was to see them!

After reflecting for a few minutes on the ride back home, we both agreed- God has brought us this far, light years farther than the Dr.'s said we would go, there is no way he got this one wrong!

Tomorrow we are off to a friends cabin for the weekend to make some more great memories. Then its back to school for Ava and Chase on Thursday, and Tanner on Tuesday . Have a great weekend! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers......

GOD is Good!
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Betsy Horn
By Betsy Horn, Grand Forks
Chase's eyes are captivating. I love them! He is such a handsome young man. God's timing is never off and it's so wonderful to see your strong faith at work. With much love and many prayers...
Amy Ritchie
By Amy Ritchie
The day will come for all of you when you will celebrate eating BACON and even more. Take one day at a time as you have for the last 2 years and keep continuing to be the strong family that you are and always will be. Have a great weekend and first days of school next week!!!
C J Cord
By Judy Cord
So sorry the test was not a success, but the time will come when it will be. God is good.
Jan Skauge
By Jan Skauge
To praise Him in the storm is a great gift you give those of us who keep vigil via this site....God's ways are often mysterious to us, yet He asks us to trust Him, and you do, and we are blessed. Thank you for how you and Chase touch lives for eternity. Love and prayers, Jan
Psalm 115:1; Hebrews 13:15
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Judi Tanner
By Judi Tanner
Rooting for you Chaser and praying, too!
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