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Enjoying each moment!

We have been enjoying the beautiful weather before it is gone! Track is in full swing for Cole. We are at Elkton today and Tim is meet referee. Chase has been feeling really good since his last appointment and has been enjoying the weather. Walking, shooting hoops, going to track meets and school have filled his time. He has been able to hang out with some college friends a little and make a few trips to see Kelsey play VB and spend some time with her in SF. We are counting our blessings!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support for Chase's restored health. In two years, we will hear the words "cancer free" because with God all things are possible.

Game On!

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5 Replies

Jan Hillestad
By Jan Hillestad
Yes, beautiful day on Saturday and beautiful days ahead, we hope, for track meets, camping, and just enjoying good times with family and friends. "Thankful" is definitely a word on all our minds these days!
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Nadine Nielsen
From all the Nielsen's at Brandt: Good News, we continue with prayers for all things to keep & & stay on track!! Enjoy the Spring, so far its great!
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Deb Wilde
By Deb Wilde
Just chill, be still, and He will!
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Linda Dailey
By Linda Dailey
So GREAT to hear!!!!
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Wayne Carney
So glad to hear that things are going well during this phase of treatment. I'm sure Tim and Cole are really busy with track this spring--Tim as a meet official and Cole as a participant--what a beautiful day to be at a track meet. Sounds like the weather could change beginning tomorrow, Sunday, but we need to take advantage of the weahter while we can. I'm sure I will run into your family somewhere down the line at a meet this spring. Game On--Wayne Carney
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