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Chase’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. Your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated. We have wonderful doctors and nurses here and with God on our team, we are ready to compete in the biggest game of Chase's life!

Game On!

Chase's story began about a week before Thanksgiving when he was complaining that his lips were numb, jaw was sore and teeth hurt, all at just random times, no triggers or anything. So he went to the dentist first for ex-rays, looking for a cavity or abscess. Then he went to the orthodontist. Next we made a stop at the local clinic and thought his sinuses were causing the discomfort. All this in a period of 4 weeks, while he was attending classes at DSU and preparing for finals. When he came home after finals, the local PA took another look at him and found a large mass of lymph nodes on his neck,and a small one on his cheek, and behind his ear. This got the ball rolling with a trip to DeSmet for blood work, a stop at the Brookings ER and here we are at Sanford Children's Hospital diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. (ALL)

Game On Team Chase!

Latest Journal Update

Chemo Day

Another monthly check-up, blood work, vincristine, pentamidine are done and the 5 day steroid burst has started. We are praying the steroids help get rid of the nagging cough that Chase can't shake off. Weekly chemo pills have increased to 12 and nightly pills are at 1 and 1/2. Chase is now at 75% of what he was taking before the EBV and fungus. He is steadily getting back to the normal dose for him. It's crazy to think of being happy that your son can put more poison in his body but we know that medically that is what it takes to keep the cancer in remission. We also know it is all in God's hands. Right now we can't think of any other place we would rather be. God's got this!

Please remember to pray for so many others on this long journey. May they be lifted by your kind words, emails, texts, phone calls and prayers like we have been. Your hearts and comments on caring bridge mean so much, too. All are reminders of how good God is to us.

Game On
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Sandy Olson
By Sandy Olson
Chase, you look healthy. Keep up the good fight! You are always in our prayers.
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James Craney
Boy Chase you get better looking everyday, even with that Oregon sweatshirt. What great news!! God is answering our prayers. Going to the Dells todays as it is the boys/girls all star games. It is a great day for these young adults that have worked so hard and they are treated like royal. Sit back and enjoy the summer and keep those good postings coming. We will continue to pray.
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Monica Amaral
By Monica Amaral
Chase your looking good! We pray for you daily. We hope that everything continues in the right direction and yes God is good all the time, all the time God is good! Game On from Minnesota
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Carole Kjellsen
By au
Chase, you look great. Maybe we will see you while we are in ARLINGTON this summer...all of July is our plan.
Hang in there!
Kelsey Kaufmann's AUNT CAROLE
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Cathy Hafner
By Cathy Hafner
We are grateful for this positive update! Karla Ferrin somehow expressed exactly what I was thinking, so I can just say Amen! God bless you all!
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Brenda Krahn
By Brenda Krahn
Glad to hear things are going good. We keep chase and your family in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the update.
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Linda Dailey
By Linda Dailey
Thanks for the update!! Sure hope he gets rid of that nagging cough. I had one this winter and it about drove me crazy!! So happy things are going well for Chase. Continued prayers for all of you and {{{hugs}}}
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Karla Ferrin
By Karla Ferrin
We will pray for that cough to subside and completely go away! I can't tell you how we appreciate your updates so we know specifically how to pray. We know God doesn't need the specifics but for us we can focus on the many steps necessary for complete healing. I'm sure there are times you don't feel like writing an update but I can tell you that all 5 of us share the "Chase Report" with each other as we're rooting for you every step of the way. We love you guys!
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Marlene Duffy
By Marlene Duffy
We are praying for Chase. We know so many others to pray for . The list is a long one.. So good to know that Chase is keeping up with his college studies.
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