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Chase’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most. Your thoughts and prayers are so appreciated. We have wonderful doctors and nurses here and with God on our team, we are ready to compete in the biggest game of Chase's life!

Game On!

Chase's story began about a week before Thanksgiving when he was complaining that his lips were numb, jaw was sore and teeth hurt, all at just random times, no triggers or anything. So he went to the dentist first for ex-rays, looking for a cavity or abscess. Then he went to the orthodontist. Next we made a stop at the local clinic and thought his sinuses were causing the discomfort. All this in a period of 4 weeks, while he was attending classes at DSU and preparing for finals. When he came home after finals, the local PA took another look at him and found a large mass of lymph nodes on his neck,and a small one on his cheek, and behind his ear. This got the ball rolling with a trip to DeSmet for blood work, a stop at the Brookings ER and here we are at Sanford Children's Hospital diagnosed with T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. (ALL)

Game On Team Chase!

Latest Journal Update

4th Quarter Starts

The 4th quarter is upon Team Casper and we are challenging ourselves for the finish. We need to dig down and find the strength to beat our opponent, cancer. Strong minds, bodies, and souls are prevalent in our team because we have so many fans cheering us on.

Chase had another chemo day at the Castle Thursday and with the start of another 87 day cycle he had a lumbar puncture (not sure how many of these he has had but would guess over 30). We checked in and started our routine with no major complications. Vincristine and pentamidine were administered, blood work was tested and all results fell within range. So he starts another round of steroids and a countdown to April/May.

Chase still has some issues with his thrombosis in his arm and is trying to fight off folliculitis. We upped his meds and are trying some over the counter products to combat. Please pray for healing.

Thanks for all your prayers and kind words.

The pics are from our Timberwolves trip. God bless!

Game On
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Jo Gerberding
By Jo Gerberding
Sending many continued prayers for the Casper family! I'm hoping for great news in 2016!!
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James Craney
By Jim & Sharon Craney
How could this happen? Almost missed the update. Look forward to these updates and you can be sure we are still sending prayers from Mazomanie, Wisconsin. You are never far from our thoughts. God bless and keep strong. Can't tell you how many times I share the story of your family.
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Linda Dailey
By Linda Dailey
Prayers being said for healing. Thanks for the update!!! Always great to hear good news!!
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Karla Trautman
By The Trautman's
Prayers for strength, endurance, patience, trust and healing continue! We are in the stands cheering like crazy!
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Barb Mortimer
By Barb
God is good! Prayers continue!
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Cathy Hafner
By Cathy Hafner
If this game is a race, this is where our favorite rounds the final turn and heads down the homestretch, eyes fixed on the finish line. The crowd goes wild, shouting encouragement, cheering, whistling, on their feet and jumping up and down with excitement. And this - along with a lot of praying- goes on for 87 days!!
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Carolyn Casper
By Carolyn Casper
It is so wonderful to read of God's healing upon Chase body. Know that we pray non-stop for you,Chase,Tim,Treva and Cole!! We pray that God will continue to guide all of your medical staff in the days ahead....... one day at a time until you reach final goal......... recovery!!! "I can do all things through God who strengthens me".Phil.4:13. LOVE GRANDMA CAROLYN AND GRANDPA WARREN
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Karla Ferrin
By Karla Ferrin
Thanks for the updates! We love you all and will continue to pray as you begin the fourth quarter!
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Karen Hovde
By Karen Hovde
Heavenly Father, we bow before you and ask that you give strength and courage as Chase and his family to continue this journey. Amen.
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darrell modica
By Marilyn Smith Modica and Darrell
We don't respond often, but we do read each posting and keep you all in our prayers. Thanks for the great job you and Tim are doing. Only God knows the results, that is why we keep Chase in our prayers. Jesus is real and stands beside us good times and trying. Game On!!!
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