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Get busy living

Chase learned to drive a dump truck this week.

Chase learned to drive a dump truck this week.

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It has been quite a while since we posted! A few months ago, our friend Samantha from the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation, told us about the omg! cancer summit. It is conference sponsored by (a foundation dedicated to helping young adults on their cancer journey) and the theme of the summit was "Get busy living." And that's exactly what we've been doing!

Chase finished his sophomore year and passed all OGTs (state academic testing) with flying colors. On April 30th he had his port removed, which was the highlight of his spring even though he had to take a couple of weeks off baseball. We moved to the family farm into the house that we've been remodeling for the past 6 months.  At this very moment Chase is camping with his cousin Ethan and fishing as much as possible. On June 2nd, we had our next round of 3 month scans and all remains clear. 

While we are deeply, deeply thankful for clear scans, we remain aware of many friends and family members still fighting cancer. Chase's grandpa Larry still battles pancreatic cancer. His most recent scans show the tumor in his pancreas stable yet spots on his liver and lung have increased. This means a change in treatment, a chemo that must be delivered via port. So on Monday, he will have a port put in place and receive the new chemo on Wednesday. Larry's doctor continues to be impressed with the way his body has handled the disease and the treatment and gives all the credit to Larry's positive attitude and refusal to let pancreatic cancer dominate his life.

Chase's great-grandma, Phyllis, completed her treatment for uterine cancer this winter but unfortunately she is now undergoing treatment again. A recent scan shows that the cancer has returned. Her doctors have informed us that this recurrence means the cancer is now considered terminal. Nana is choosing to receive palliative chemo about once each month. Today she was telling me how much love and support she has received from from her work family at the University of Dayton. They continue to reach out to her and lift her up in prayer as she faces the reality of this diagnosis. Nana finds room in her heart for everyone she meets and all of her friends at UD have done the same for her.

Speaking of caring and support, I have the pleasure of knowing two wonderfully kind people that are hosting an Alex's Lemonade Stand event this weekend. My former student Elizabeth and her mother Joyce are hosting their fundraiser Saturday, June 21 from 9-3 at 2313 Watchtower Lane in Fairborn, Ohio.  They have an event page @ which you can visit to donate if you don't live in the area.  Alex's Lemonade Stand is a very well respected non-profit that raises money to support pediatric cancer research. We hope the rain stays away long enough to have a terrific event!