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Charlie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge website. My church St. Anthony's on the Lake helped me start this to keep friends and family updated about our Charlie!
The first page is "MY STORY" and it tells you what brought us to this point in time.
Feel free to Visit often to read the latest journal entries, visit the photo gallery, and write us a note in our guestbook.  I love to read them to Charlie and we all loved to hear from you.
Thanks so much the Siewert Family.

I would have never thought ....I would be writing on this site that I have seen other families use to help them and so many caring people out there to cope.  Bear with me, I am not the best writer, speller or good at getting things out using the correct words. Charlie would always laugh at me!  He was the beautiful writer!
Charlie as most of you know has MS!  But just to let you know... he told me "MS is not taking me down"! 
He was diagnosed 14 years ago, but this past year has been tuff, in and out of the hospitals and more in home nurses to help me.  On Labor Day (Sept 7th) he was taken to Elmbrook for a wound on his knee that was just not healing and getting bigger.  At that moment the doctors could not decided if he would have to lose part of his leg or if they could heal it enough to cover over the opening of the bone.  He was in surgery and came out fine, with keeping his leg but having a wound vac on his knee.  It was a machine that sucks at the open sore with a sponge inside the wound it is covered and then a pump attached.  Pretty interesting. 
He was at Elmbrook for a week then moved to LifeCare acute care hospital in Pewaukee.  He had been on many heavy medications for sometime to fight off infections, until they were not helping and were building up a resistance to the drugs. He was developing more sores and at that time dropping down in weight which was making the fight even harder.
Coming in to the hospital expecting to start looking in to a nursing homes, the doctor called me out and said I had to start thinking about Hospice care!  Wham, that was a shock.
The month of October for all of us was hardest of all.  Even after my mother's passing one year ago, this was just so hard because we had to act on Charlie's wishes and what the doctors were telling us.
They predicted 3 months or less.
The boys and I were and still are in shock.  We knew Dad, Charlie was getting sicker but never thought this!
My church Staint Anthony on the Lake was with us every step of the way.  I could not have survived with out them and so many others that help us during that very hard time.  Thank you.
John, my son, helped me the whole week, everyday with hunting down the perfect place, which with Gods help. and Angels Grace Hospice in Oconomowoc.  He was taken there on Monday, Oct 26th.
After his first night, he said he liked the water, food and was able to sleep all night. 
I am sorry I am rammbling on, just that I have so much to say. 
I am very sorry for not letting people know.  I guess I was just in shock and scared.  Many of you are asking what I need.  To be honest I have no idea.  Plus it is so hard to be the one getting help when I used to be the one doing it ...either for Charlie or someone.

I will write more when I get up there to feed him breakfast!  I should take him a waffle from Perkins.... his favorite. 

Thanks Ann... I miss you already.

Peg, Charlie, John and Elliott...........

Charlie of "Charlie's MS Angels"...