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  • My father-inlaw... Leslie Siewert

    Written Apr 25, 2011 12:18am

    At first  someone told me to write in Charlie's journal about his dad, I was not sure, because this was Charlie's site.

    But, it has been a place that I gone to for the past year to share many things...and many of you know Leslie Siewert..my father-inlaw... Charlie's dad.  I am sorry to say it has only been 15 months since Charlie left us and today on Easter we are in shock that he is now with his son in Heaven.  I will share more in the morning for those of you who are interested.
    please say a prayer for Charlie and his dad Leslie.

    Peg Mat-Siewert.

  • Written Jan 22, 2011 2:53am

    Tonight one year ago, I sat up with my brother-in-law Jimmy watching Charlie fade away.  Hard as it was then, its still hard to believe today he is gone.  This year has been one of the hardest as most people who have been down this road with a loved one (a spouse or a child who lives with you day in and day out and needs you!!)... it is not easy.  So many times I wanted to pick up the phone and tell him things.  He would have been so proud of John making the move out of home to try things on his own and doing... okay so far.  Sure, he would have laughed that I had to take him out shopping (okay two times so far), for food.  But, again it would have reminded him of all the times his mother would send care packages to him in school  or when he first moved out.  All the times he would come home and visit and have a beer.  Well, John comes home... we don't have a beer together.. or maybe I should.   John has been such a good big brother for Elliott and I am so proud and Charlie you would be too...  that he takes care of him in what ever way he can. 

    Charlie would have loved Elliott senior photos of this wonderful grown up man he has turned out to be.  He would have said "thank god he looks like his mother", but really he takes after his good looking dad!!  Charlie would have loved to hear us applying for colleges for Elliott and trying to put in his comments... and Elliott saying.. "Dad, I want to go here"!  Elliott has Charlie's college ring, and I hope it brings him such pride as it did his dad.  Charlie would have been so proud of Elliott pushing at his grades and getting his first real summer job! 

    He would have loved to see and be a part of the boys riding on their snowmobiles and having fun together.  They all loved their toys.... and he was a big part of that.  I remember last year when the boys purchased their sleds and they rode them up to see Charlie at Angels Grace... he was all smiles and could smell that "smell" of oil!   John and his group of friends went to a Packer game and that would have made Charlie beam with joy that his boys...love the Packers as much as he does.  Elliott stayed with me to watch a game, but then turn to me and said next year we are going again.  He is inviting friends over to watch the game... I have to make them chili... fun! Charlie would have been so happy knowing that.

    I will be wearing the sweatshirt Charlie purchase for me when he went to the Super Bowl the year the Packers won in New Orleans 1997.  Even though we had season tickets, we didn't get picked for the super bowl  tickets... He was so bummed.  His brother Jimmy was going to the game and others... Even my sister Amy and her husband.

    I did some searching and hunting... I found not a deal, but a ticket and airfare... and called him at work  and told his secretary to watch over him as I told him happy Anniversary early... My gift to him was a trip to the Super Bowl... he was on cloud nine!  As closed to heaven as he wanted to be then.  Now he has the best view of the games.  Charlie I hope you enjoy the games!  Miss your listening to them on the radio while the TV was on... I miss going to the games with you.

    Charlie if you are wondering about me... well, I am doing okay. Not the greatest... but okay.  You know me.. running around and just trying to stay busy.  I know for sure you would be happy to know I feel in love with riding again and you would love Hans!!  Karen's fleet of Friesians.  That always made you the happiest when I was happy riding.  Watch over me and don't let me fall.  LOL  Thank you!

    I am still so unorganized with things around home, and I was bad writing notes of thanks to all our wonderful friends and family!  I hope they know how much we both appreciate how much they have done.  A good friend asked me about dating and I told her my list of traits... were to long.. that they had to be... she laughed and said why don't you give these guys on earth a chance, and I said, maybe its that long because I could never find someone that loved me as much as you... I guess I will have to wait till heaven to have that love again.


    Even though its been a year... we all miss you!


    Love Peg and the boys..... John and Elliott.

    Charlie and folks out there... we did raise the most money of all on last years bike ride for MS.  $75 thousand dollars our team raised.  Thank you so very much.

  • Written Aug 8, 2010 9:17pm

    Well today was another mile stone!  The BEST DAM BIKE TOUR FOR Multiple Sclerosis.        Just a few months ago, I didn't think I could do the ride, must less send out letters asking for donations.  I was angry that for all these years of raising dollars for research it didn't work for Charlie.  But, I heard my own voice telling John today when he was angry and said, "Why should we do it anymore...it didn't help Dad"!  I said to him, "We started to do this bike ride event as a family project hoping it wouldn't have turned out this way, but over the years we knew, and Dad knew it might not be enough time.  We always said it was for all the folks who have MS, and all the new people being told today they have MS.  Lets give them hope!  I said to him with tears in my eyes saying its for you or your kids  or your best friend, ....or the person who you might love someday that might be told those lucky words!"   
    This past Saturday, and today...Sunday was the ride.  Yes it was emotional...but a great wow event for all of us.  We made buttons with Charlie's face and people wanted to wear them in his honor.  I started the bike ride this year so uninterested, and barely sent out emails to rally the team, and behold, we had 50 riders!  Most of our most dedicated riders and new ones! 
    The start of the ride at WCTC, was the kick off and a team photo.. and the 1st shed of tears, when Roger didn't have Charlie in the golf chart in the photo.  My team and friends shared the hugs and tears. 

    Thank you.
    I was only going to cry three times today... well, Anne set me straight and at the 1st rest stop "Willy Wonka World"... Anne said I could have all the tears I wanted.  So I cried with her... I kept riding  with the help of Pam and Veronique!  Yep, we did ride didn't we.  Loved riding with you gals.  When we arrived at Whitewater, the team tent was hopping, ... the band was playing great music, the beer was cold, people were happy to be done riding for the day and relaxing with the surprise... frozen wash clothes!  They were a hit.   What a great time.


    Saturday night I wanted to run home and write in this "blog" or what ever this is... I had such a pull to write, since I haven't in so long.  I had to tell you what happened.  It was like Charlie was telling me something. 


    Saturday at Whitewater, after the ride, around 7pm, they have a program in the big tent.  It's big believe me!  But before I went in the ladies of the MS society said someone wanted to meet me.  HUM... I had no idea.  I meet this man at the front gate, he had a bouquet of ... okay hold on... GERBER DAISYS!  He and his team were reading and following the Caring Bridge site. He remembered read the posting of when Charlie used to buy me flowers and every year I told him thanks, but remember honey.. I like Gerber daisies.  And on the posting I sadly wrote I would have to buy my own daisies from now on.


    Thank you very much Dave for doing this.  I cried all the way to my seat.  That made my day.... Like Charlie was sending someone to give me these flowers on this hard day.  I will never forget that moment.  My sister Amy took care of them till I finished the ride on Sunday, and carried them proudly back home on the bus with me.  They are now in a vase and I move them from room to room. 


    I would love to tell you more, but I am so very sleepy.  Sunday I only rode  15miles in the pouring rain...with my good friends Jennifer and Alec.  Thanks for pushing me and sticking with me. 


    Love you all.




    John & Elliott

    P.S.  I will be back to post this year team photo when I have it.

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