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Charlie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

On the evening of July 12, 2014 Charlie was in a severe car accident, which we believe was secondary to low blood sugar. Due to the severity of the car accident, he was airlifted to HCMC. Once he arrived to HCMC, he was diagnosed with lung contusions (bruising of the lungs) and multiple vertebral (spinal) fractures. Charlie is showing signs of improvement every day and he has a great team of doctors and nurses working with him! We appreciate your continued prayers and encouragement. With all of your support, we have no doubt that Charlie will have the strength and courage to get through this!

Latest Journal Update

Prayers Please

Hi everyone,

Charlie continues on his roller coaster ride to recovery today.  Yesterday evening, Charlie started to show signs of a urinary tract infection.  Of course, the same-day clinic in Cambridge was closing shortly and the only option to get treatment was the the emergency room.  In people with spinal cord injuries like Charlie, urinary tract infections can be quite serious unlike how they would effect you or I.  Thus, it is important to seek treatment immediately.  Of course it was a Friday night...

So off to good ole' Cambridge Medical Center emergency room he went last night.  We all know what great luck my family has had there in the past...........
Well that luck did not change and if I knew the name of the emergency room physician that treated Charlie last night, I would call him out so you can all avoid him.  Harsh?  Well I'd say that failing to review a patient's previous records (ESPECIALLY with Charlie) is probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.  Charlie was prescribed an antibiotic that has not been effective (as evidence by previous urine culture and sensitivities) in not one, but TWO recent urinary tract infections. This doctor prescribed Charlie an antibiotic that would not treat his UTI....this is something the doctor should have known not to do had he reviewed Charlie's previous records.  I'm not being a new grad nurse practitioner or experienced nurse that's being a know-it-all because I'm the first to admit when I don't know something.  There is no way this doctor could justify his rationale for what he did for Charlie in his medical decision making.  

Today, Charlie has started to feel worse and much more symptomatic of his UTI.  For my medical friends, his symptoms today met the sepsis criteria.  For the non-medical friends, Charlie's infection got much worse because he was not treated properly last night.  Thankfully, Dr. Kelsey (our cousin) stepped in and spoke to an after hours doctor that promptly sent in prescription for the appropriate antibiotic choice.  What do other people do that don't have medical professionals in their family?  I'll admit that as a bedside nurse, I was always annoyed by the know-it-all family members that treat you like you don't know what you are doing or question your every move....but after all that I have experienced with Charlie, I don't blame them!   

We are requesting your prayers that this antibiotic will start working for Charlie quickly and that he can avoid another trip to the emergency room. 

If you missed the link to Charlie's video from that last post, here's the link!  Overcoming one battle at a time...

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Ann Porter
Sending healing prayers your way Charlie. Your video is awesome!
Helen Eklund
By Helen Eklund
Hi Charlie. Good Morning Hope You are feeling better to day . Hope to see you soon, Love you and am praying for your recovery. have a good day Say Hi to Mom a nd DadLove All of You Grandma Helen
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Helen Eklund
By Helen Eklund
Hi Charlie. Good Morning Hope You are feeling better to day . Hope to see you soon, Love you and am praying for your recovery. have a good day Say Hi to Mom a nd DadLove All of You Grandma Helen
lynn schauer
By Lynn Schauer
Unbelievable!!! Thank God I am a nurse and have a daughter who is also a nurse to look out for me... Also thank God for family to call on when necessary. It would seem somewhat appropriate that Charlie could have a supply (possibly 3 days worth to get him through the weekends) of effective antibiotic on hand just to prevent this fiasco in the future until he can get in touch with the physician handling his care now to get a full course of treatment. I am so sorry you all have to endure so much unprofessional treatment by a so called professional.
You all have our prayers .. still on my prayer list and will remain there until Charlie tells me "I Got This On My Own"
Ronald Haglund
By Ron and JoAnn
So sorry to hear that Charlie has had a setback and sincerely hope it is short lived. We thought the video was very well done and found it a very emotional moment. The smile on Charlie's face said it all.

Prayers continue--for all of you.
Tina Pearson
By — last edited
My son and I have had the same experiences as far as one doctor in particular not hearing us at the Cambrige Hospital. He was very condescending and couldn't of cared less about my son's past medical history. I'm a nursing student. I'm in my last semester. Of course I don't know everything and never will because medicine is constantly changing. However, as a mom/family member I do know my son better than he did. I'm Sorry that Charlie had to endure another run in with an unprofessional. He is in my prayers.