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Welcome to Charles' CaringBridge Website. This website will help us keep you updated on how Charles is doing, additional information about his condition, and specific prayer requests.  Thank you for all of your prayers and for the encouragement.

Charles' story began in Nov. 2010 while Charles was playing basketball at school.  He and another player hit knee to knee.  Charles fell to the ground, holding his right knee but later continued to play.  His Dad took him to the pediatrician and an x-ray was ordered but nothing showed up on the x-ray.  He kept up with basketball but in Dec. he said the same leg was hurting.  Afterwards, his knee never really got better.  He did play his basketball games in Jan. and Feb. and we took him to the doctor in Feb. and was referred to an orthopedic doctor.  From an x-ray, it appeared he had had a stress fracture of the tibia below the knee and he was to rest the leg. Well, he played in a basketball tournament and the result was that he could not walk on his leg.  The doctor put him on crutches for Mar., Apr., May and the first week of June. Through these months, he did have a knot-bump at the site of the stress fracture that was becoming bigger.  The doctor said this was calcification and inflamation.  He was released from the crutches and began physical therapy the second week of June and was making some progress on straightening his knee.  On a return visit to the orthopedic dr., he looked at Charles' knee and said the knot was getting bigger.  Charles and I said it had been this big for awhile.  He told us he was going to refer us to an orthopedic surgeon to assess the knee and determine if surgery would be required to remove the calcification and so his nurse made an appointment to visit Chapel Hill and Dr. Esther.  Doug took Charles to this doctor thinking it was another routine visit while on their way to their Boy Scout camping/gold mining trip.  We were all shocked when Dr. Esther told Doug and Charles the knot was a tumor and referred us to Dr. Ian Davis, pediatric hematology-oncology doctor.  This set in motion the biopsy appointment, CT scan and further tests, surgery for the port and chemotherapy treatment within about a week and a half. Charles did well through the chemo treatments, but the side effects of the drugs had him not feeling well.  He was discharged from the hospital on Sat.   We had previously made plans for the family to go to the beach for the next week and we decided to go ahead to the beach.  We knew we might be heading back to Chapel Hill if we had any problems. God blessed us because even though Charles didn't start feeling better until Thurs., his labs on Mon. and Thurs. were good enough that we didn't have to get any additional fluids or go back to the hospital.  Since we've gotten back from the beach, Charles is feeling better and having more normal activity.  We go back to Chapel Hill on Aug. 10 for his next treatment and 2 more days of fluids.  The plan is for Wed., Thurs., Fri., admittance.  Keep praying for God to strengthen Charles' body and prepare him for the upcoming treatments.


Charles Humphries posted a new journal entry, "Successful Surgery".

Hi Everyone. Thank you for all the prayers today! Charles had a pulmonary test first this morning at 8:30 which showed that his lungs are in good shape. He was called back ... Read more

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We wanted to check up on you all again - so here we are.  We're all okay and are praying that you are all doing well, too.  We know that any illness in any family is ... Read more

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Hi Charles, Thinking of you and hope the recovery is going well.  I still remember you in my prayers. Your loving Aunt Annette Read more

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Glad to hear the good news - we knew our prayers would be answered.  You all continue to be in our prayers.  We send our love and will anxiously wait for more good news.  Read more

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We are so thankful and happy that the surgery went well. We will pray that Charles has a strong and fast recovery. Praying for all of you to stay strong together as a family. Read more

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Charles, We are praying for you to have a complete recovery from the surgery.  All the family is in our prayers, also.  That was great news that the nodules were very ... Read more

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Charles: So glad the surgery went well and hope you are feeling better today.  Want you to know that all of us are pulling for you and will continue to pray for you and ... Read more

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So glad to hear yesterday went well!  We were thinking of you and praying that God would be with you.  As we continue this Easter Triduum, know that we will be thinking ... Read more

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Praying for you ALL..  Praying for a quick recovery.  Praying that your family can get back to a somewhat normal life soon.  My heart goes out to your family.  It is ... Read more

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