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By — Feb 1, 2013 4:52pm
Chuck and Paula came to Useppa Island in late 1995 for a get aquainted visit. They were by far the best applicants for the fire chief's position. Mary and I had stopped at their house in Indianapolis. We knew at once that these top quality people would fit in perfectly at Useppa

As a member of Dudley Kircher's Fireboard I was doubtful, however, about whether they would consider the job when we didn't even have a house for them to live in.

Mary and I came to Useppa on our boat which we hardly used after we bot a house. Fortunately we hadn't sold it yet. I still recall the relief I felt when Chuck and Paula agreed to live on the boat and lead the fire department until the fireboard could provide permanent and appropriate housing.

For the next seventeen years Chuck inspired us with his leadership and his solid knowledge of fire and safety measures.But that was just the beginning. Beyond mere fire chief Chuck drew the confidence and trust of Useppa and its residents. Everyone admired him and with good reason for he was the finest example of a man of high principled character and integrity. 

Thank you Paula for sharing him with us all. I appreciate being associated with such  fine people as you and Chuck.