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By — Jan 31, 2013 10:33am
Dearest Andi, Madilyn and Morgan,

Your Dad/Grandpa probably told you the following story many times because he never let me forget it.  When your Dad/Grandpa was young (one/ two years old), he was a cry baby and a beast (hard to imagine). At the time I was in 8th grade. We were living in Indianapolis and at the top of a steep hill.  I had to babysit for your Dad/Grandpa often  (ugh!).  My girlfriend, Sheila McCarthey, used to come over frequently to help me take care of your Dad/Grandpa.  One time we had just had it with your Dad/Grandpa. Sheila and I came up with what we thought was a great plan. Sheila was going to stand at the bottom of the steep hill and I would be at the top.  I was going to let the stroller go and if Sheila caught it at the bottom- good, and if not - oh well.  Just as I was about to let the stroller go our Mom came driving by.  She foiled out plan and probably saved your Dad's/Grandpa's life.  As your Dad/Grandpa and I grew older we became the friends we should have been when were young.  I will always love and miss your Dad/Grandpa.  You must know that you were his greatest blessings.  A forever love, Aunt Katie