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By — Jan 31, 2013 8:22am
Dear Madilyn and Morgan (and Andi too)


When your Mommy (Andi) was just a baby, Chuck and Gail asked me and my brother Brad if we would Babysit for Andi who at the time was an infant. They would be home early and they expected Andi to sleep most of the time we were there. So Brad and I get dropped off at Chuck and Gails Apartment to babysit.


The reason we had to be dropped off was that  Brad was 9 yeaars old and I was 8 years old....I guess in Chuck's mind that equalled a 17 year old and thus we became Andi's babysitter for the next year or so .....and by the way....Chuck's idea of being home early was not a defination I suggest you immulate it was well after midnihgt!! haha!!


Loved Chuck and wished I could have stayed in better ccontact....but I do get to see Andi, Jon and both of you often and hope that continues always!!