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Jenna’s Story

Hi My name is Jenna and I have 16 medical conditions, the main one is a rare life threatening bone disease.  i have developmental delays, and an iq under 70. Some people find it hard to believe because I have high social skills and people sometimes don't believe us when we tell them and they judge me.I love mail.  If anyone wants to send me happy mail I made an amazon wish list.I thought it was much safer than having my address on the net.   I know people ask what I like so that is why I thought I would put it on here.  I am not asking for gifts it is only if anyone wants to, Please don't feel like you have to though. Happy mail makes me smile so this is only for people who would like to help me smile. http://www.amazon.ca/gp/registry/wishlist/2M4MCDE8QMNRP/ref=topnav_li  I also have a facebook group:  which has my address in the file section if anyone wants to send me mail and help me smile:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/563981963686939/  my facebook site: http://www.facebook.com/jennasbravefight

Health update:  I just had majour surgery and they found a tumor in my overies but it is not cancerous.  My body is so riddled up with arthritis for my age.  I have been diagnosed witn non epeleptic seizures. I am being tested for bipolar, aspergers and other things.  I have ocd tendencies, and spd. 

As I said before I am from BC. Canada and I was born in raised in Kamloops BC. Canada.  I was born with a rare life threatening bone disease and wasn't suposed to  live this long. It is called Chondrodysplasia Punctata with Stipled Epithesis.  I have developmental delays and an Iq under 70.  some people find it hard to believe cause I have very high social skills, some people dont believe me when we tell them. That means that I have calcium deposits on all of my bone joints. Where there was inlarged deposits that is where it did the most dammage. My disease is debilatating and degenerative. It is also life threatening, and very painful. I was born with Tibia Torrsa of the hip and mild Scolios. When I was born my spine was fused at the top and at the bottom. I also have a mild hearing loss in my right ear. My joints wear out and the ones they can replace they will. I had a Titanium joint operation in 2004, in both of my jaws. It was done in the States, in North Carolina. UNC hospital chapel Hill I wasn't able to eat for five years untill I had my operation that is. I have some developmental delays but I am very high functioning. These are the other medical conditions that I have been diagnosed with. Intertestial Cysitis, a very painful bladder condition. Fibromyalgia, witch is painful, Osteo Arthritis, and really bad Osteoporosis. I have lost 30 percent of my bone mass. They are both very painful. I have a very painful bladder condition which is Intertestial Cysitis. I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I also have a Reflux disease, GERD. I have Burcitis and Tendinitis in the hip, leg and groin area. They all affect the muscle and they are very painful and it is harder to walk to now because it is painful. I also have a very painful nerve disease, Trigemnial Neuralgia from a severed nerve when I had a my operation in NC.  I was just diagnosed with bad asthma. I have bipolar and suspected Autsim. I have recently found out that my leg is now damaged, because it keeps swelling, and I have to use crutches from now on and a wheelchair.  I have non epeleptic seizures.  Everyday is a challenge for me, but every morning I wake up with a smile on my face and read to conquer each and every challenge that comes my way. I am a fighter and I will win all my fights against all my conditions, no matter what!  I am not suposed to have lived this long but I have.  We don't know how much longer I have, but everyday is a great day. My dad has Congenital heart failure, and had cancer three times. This about me: I love Hockey, Football baseball and Soccer.  My fav. Teams for hockey are: Columbus Blue Jackets, St. Louis Blues, La kings, Chicago black hawkes.  I also like  Edmonton Oilers Colorado Avalance and the New York Rangers.    I am a Big Big Big Kamloops Blazers fan! I have met Rick Nash, and he gave me his signed jersey.  I get free tickets everytime, Columbus comes to Vancouver.  I love the Green Bay Packer.  I also enjoy watching the New Enlgand Patriots, ,Chicago bears, and Minnesota Vikings.  I am a big Tom Brady fan and Aaron Rodgers fan .  I love the LA team for Soccer and David Beckham.  I also like the Pheonix Suns and Steve Nash.  I love Baseball the Boston Red sox are my favourite team.  I love kids craft kits, Science Kits, Activity books, and coloring books.  I love Curious George, Care Bears, Disney Cars, Toy Story, Tinker Bell and Elmo  I love Lego's and Knex I love Thomas the Tank Engine.  I love building things.  I love anything to do with Space, Planets and glow in the dark.  I love Music.  I love Books and I love to read. I love stuffed Animals, Lady Bugs, Dolphins and Monkeys. I love Music and Movies . I enjoy writig poems, encouraging others.I love R5 One Direction, Jonas Brothers, Big Time Rush, and Jesse Mccartney.  My wish list is on my site but those who want to send me actual cards an mail please email me for my addy.
 My email: fighterchamp9@aol.com

Latest Journal Update

had a very pretty busy summer and other difficulties

For the postive part we went to Trail bc to see my aunty, and cousins.  We went swimming, visited and had choc chips pancakes and my pumkin pie my favourite!  We went to Cultas Lake Camping and to the best water slides in BC!  At camping I went on a tube ride on the back of a boat, met some awesome friends, had some nice camp fires roasted marshmellows, had smores.  I have been on the computer for almost half a month, because I was diagnosed with OCD and Bipolar my doctor put me on heavy meds which made me out very out of it and all i wanted to is sleep.  Then on night I had a very severe fall.  Mom and Gerry think I was sleep walking, my whole body went full face down, smacked my head, cuncison, badly sprained my leg, bent toes back and other injuries.  I told the er doctor that I had severe osteoporsis and osteopenia, he asked how i knew i had it and I felt like telling him how do u think I know cause my bone doctor told me so of course, but i kept quiet, then he said well your bones dont feel or look so bad.  so I think it surprised him when he sent me for an xray, and I came back he said I cant seem to find a break cause your bones are extremly bad, and I thought to myself, well that is exactly what i was trying to say.  so he said if I still have pain, then come back because there could be a very small crack they have not been able to find.
love happy Mail, cards, letters, anything!  My Addy is: Jenna Fowler 192 Waddington drive Kamloops BC Canada V2E 1M4
If you would like to know what I like and it's also in my info section of what I like.  I have made a amazon.ca wishlist   I am not asking for anything, its just for anyone who would like to send me some happy mail and help me smile. 
My facebook page is:  http://www.facebook.com/jennasbravefight .  and:  https://www.facebook.com/jennashappymailwishcrosstheworld
If you have a reg. facebook page or a medical page can you please share my new page as i just started it and that one is the happy happy mail one.