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Chad’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

On March 22nd 2013 Chad had an accident at work that involved alot of head trauma...  He went into surgery yesterday around 3:45 and had extensive repair done.  After a long day he is now recovering in the icu and for now its just a waiting game...  For right now there asking for just family to visit as we need to keep him calm for all the extensive brain injury/repairs he has had.  Thanks for all the support and prayers.. we will keep you updated!!

Latest Journal Update

June 9th

Where to begin! Sorry I took such a long break, this one might be a long one! On March 21st Chad had an appointment with his neurologist. She was pleased with his recovery so far so she suggested trying to get him off his medication. The medication he is on has long term effects so we all were for getting Chad off it. Chad was put on this to help prevent seizures from happening. It also helped with his agitation when he was in the rehab unit at Regions. Tapering off the medicine was going to take about 8 weeks. Chad was at about week 5 when things weren't going well. At the time I only noticed work was becoming stressful for him. After talking with family, friends and his co-workers I started to notice a lot more things. Chad started showing irritability, he wasn't as sociable, he didn't have patience for the kids, he wasn't relaxing or getting much sleep. I felt terrible that I didn't notice these things. Thank you all for communicating with me and helping me notice the things that changed from lowing his meds. I called his Dr, she suggested to go back up on his medicine and see the physiologist to help figure out the next step. We went up on the medicine that day, within a few days Chad was laughing, talking and playing with the kids again. Chad said he doesn't feel any different with a higher dose or not. On May 12th Chad saw the physiologist. Chad needs to learn how to deal with his problems and stress he has, this is what this Dr will help with. He is going to keep in touch with Chad over the phone. We will see how things go then determine his medication. Chad also saw his rehab Dr that day. She was happy with how things are going after uping Chads medication. She told us she is surprised this is the first time we've had an issue in Chad's recovery. She said where Chad was injured most people tend to "fly off the handle" quite often. It makes you realize everyone has struggles, little or big. There is always someone struggling more than you. It makes me grateful to still have Chad and grateful his recovery is going so well. This last year really has made me appreciate life itself. March 22nd marked 1 year since his injury. We had some family and friends over to make new memories. We had some brush piles to burn so we kicked it old school with a fire in the snow. Chad is keeping busy at work and finding projects to do at home. He seems to always find something to do! Thank you all again for continuing to think of us. It is a wonderful feeling to know how many people care about our family! Please continue with your thoughts and prayers as we step into the next part of Chads recovery. Enjoy your summer, love to you all!
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Mary Hauschildt
By Mary Hauschildt
Jill it is always nice to hear how things are going with Chads recovery and you and the kids. I think of you all often. I hear through Tracy once and awhile but she's been busy too and I have too so we haven't been able to talk too much. Sounds like things are going great! That is so wonderful! I will have to get out to see you all sometime soon again. My thought and prayers continue with you all always.

Love, Mary
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