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Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

On March 22nd 2013 Chad had an accident at work that involved alot of head trauma...  He went into surgery yesterday around 3:45 and had extensive repair done.  After a long day he is now recovering in the icu and for now its just a waiting game...  For right now there asking for just family to visit as we need to keep him calm for all the extensive brain injury/repairs he has had.  Thanks for all the support and prayers.. we will keep you updated!!


jill wang posted a new journal entry, "June 9th".

Where to begin! Sorry I took such a long break, this one might be a long one! On March 21st Chad had an appointment with his neurologist. She was pleased with his recovery ... Read more

Mark Gelhar signed Chad's Guestbook.

Awesome update. Sorry I don't check in as often but you guys are forever in my prayers :) Read more

Carol Gilbertson signed Chad's Guestbook.

Such wonderful news to hear how well Chad is doing. You are right when you say how great it is to see the small things coming back. That is a true sign of how their ... Read more

Tammy Norelius signed Chad's Guestbook.

I am so happy to hear Chad is doing so well!  He and I really beat the odds in our health issues.  His were way more then mine but both were really scary!  I can't tell ... Read more

Connie Anderson (neighbor where your dogs sometimes comes) signed Chad's Guestbook.

So happy things are coming along so well! Keep up good work, you've come a long way! I'll keep praying for you too! Read more

Bob and Janelle Hickson signed Chad's Guestbook.

So happy everything is going well! Keeping Chad, you, and your family in our prayers! Read more

Beth Rebelein signed Chad's Guestbook.

What a fabulous update! I love to read about all of Chad's improvements. He's come so far! You are absolutely right to enjoy the little things - they are so wonderful and ... Read more

Mary Swerkstrom signed Chad's Guestbook.

Thank you for the wonderful update, Jill! What a miraculous recovery Chad is making and what an amazing family you are!  Read more

jill wang posted a new journal entry, "March 4th".

Things are still going really well. Chad had his last physiologist appointment at the end of January. He wanted to see Chad to make sure work was going well. Again he was ... Read more

Sue Everson signed Chad's Guestbook.

Chad & Jill I've been thinking about you lately... Chad keep up the good work buddy!  And just stay the sweet and lovely you.  You two are amazing, even when things ... Read more

Kathy Halberg signed Chad's Guestbook.

Merry Christmas to all of you!  We're so glad to  hear the wonderful progress Chad has made.  It was, indeed, a trying year for you as a family.  We wish you continued ... Read more

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