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Recovering well

Hi Everyone,

Cassidy is recovering well. We have spent the last few days at home relaxing and catching up on sleep! It's been nice for all of us. There's something to be said for sleeping in your own bed.

Cassidy's drains are doing well. They have to be emptied twice a day and are more of a hassle for her when she's laying down. We have to make sure they aren't pulling or she's laying on them with a kink.

Right now we don't know when the drains will come out. She has an appointment on Wednesday for her new prosthesis and they will do a drain check then. We have to keep track of everything so I'll be sending that in to the nurse. My guess would be not yet.

I'll update again Wednesday when I know more.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!

Much love,


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Heidi Willey
By Heidi Willey
That's awesome news guys !! Big hugs to all of you ♡♡
Colleen Steele
By Colleen Steele
I'm happy for all of you that you are home and resting in your own beds! Cullen had to do a scrap book for 8th grade and make a page of his favorite quotes. One was from the cartoon Adventure Time, "I want to marry my bed." Praying those drains can come out soon and that better days are ahead. Love, Colleen and Family
Debbie Lane
By Debbie Lane
Totally understand and thanks for the update... we'll send lots of prayers and encouragement.