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Surgery went well

Hi Everyone,

Cassidy's drainage surgery went well. She now has two JP drains in that will stay in her back until next Tuesday. She has steri strips on the top of the incision, and drains on either side that are stitched in. Let me tell you it's not an easy process to get this girl to the bathroom right now.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring. We are in a shared room tonight with an 8 year old so better than last week with a baby. I will post in the morning. I will be at work but grandma will be with her tomorrow and we would take visitors. She's really wanting to go home but we are not going to push it. I'd rather be safe this time especially with drains.

Thank you for your prayers!

Much love,

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Debbie Lane
By Debbie Lane
Be patient, Cassidy!!! We want you all the way healthy when you get home. You are on our prayer list at church and in my home. AND, I'm protecting your scooter ;-] Love you,
Jennifer Hennequant
By Jennifer Hennequant
Glad surgery went well! I hope this does the trick and she is on the mend from this procedure!