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Back to surgery

Hi Everyone,

Tomorrow we are going back to Seattle Children's for surgery.  We have a 1pm check in with a 2:15 surgery. 

Cassidy has been complaining of pain and pressure but we thought that it was part of the healing process.  Late yesterday afternoon, after I was home from work, I checked her back as I usually do and there was some drainage.  Not much but it was dark and a bit concerning.  I made note of it and took a picture.  Today I received a panicked call from Cassidy who was home with our caregiver.  Lizzie was very calm and reassured me that there wasn't much coming out and texted a picture to me.  It was concerning enough for me to email the picture to the surgeon. 

After making many calls, sending emails and making arrangements for the girls I was able to secure a quick appointment for 5pm this evening.  My mom and Cherie raced to the school to get Ella, and then home to pick up Cassidy and relieve the caregiver.  Then raced to my office downtown, right as I was getting off of work so then we could transfer kiddos and make it to the appointment.  When we walked in and the surgeon looked at her back I knew it needed something.  He did some poking and prodding, to which there were many tears and not so happy words.  He made his recommendation that he needed to go in and drain the collecting fluid.  It can happen sometimes with surgeries, and is common.  So we are scheduled for tomorrow.  It should be a simple straightforward opening and closure with a clean out and a drain placed.  We will be spending at least one night in the hospital. 

Please continue to keep Cassidy in your prayers.  She is very scared about this surgery and has a lot of anxiety around it.  I am thankful that we are home tonight and I am off tomorrow so I am able to be with her.  I truly have the most amazing boss and am so blessed to work for Swedish where they understand families come first.  My team is super supportive, amazing co-workers.  We have amazing friends too that have stepped up to the plate this week with caregiving time and offers of meals and much more.  For that we are truly grateful.  We continue to need that support and prayers for tomorrow as well.  I will update when possible tomorrow. 

Much love,

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Annette Plymale
By ~Annette, Jessica and family
Thanks for taking the time to update. Cassidy is so brave.....just like her mom! Sending prayers up for you all day today.
Rachel Rogers
By Rach
Reassure her that Minnie has had this happen to her as well, we are praying. <3 you all!
Galen & Carole Marcille
By Galen & Carole Marcille
So sorry to hear this. We are praying for peace & comfort from the Lord for all of you and that surgery will go well with quick healing.