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We are HOME!

Hi Everyone,

We made it home yesterday afternoon! Cassidy is still in lots of pain. She is spending most of her time in her room resting. At least she's eating and in her own environment. She was able to shower this morning and feels so much better after getting the hospital gunk off.

She will be home for at least this week, and we will be up for visitors Monday evening. The plan is to continue to get stronger each day and rest.

I will update again tomorrow.

Much love,

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Colleen Steele
By Colleen Steele
Dear Cassidy,
We have followed you journey since meeting your through Make-A-Wish year's ago. I sometimes look at the picture of you and Cullen cutting the walk ribbon and am in awe of how much the both of you have endured since then. You are a beautiful young lady and I admire the grace in which you deal with the most difficult of challenges. As soon as both you and Cullen are feeling stronger we should get together. Hugs to you, your sister and mom. Love, Colleen, Brian, Cullen and Aidan