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She had a good day!

Hi Everyone,

Cassidy had a good day today.  She is still in PICU tonight but we were just told that they are treating her as if she is on the floor.  This is good.  Not so many interruptions tonight. 

Her ears and hips are doing a bit better.  At least there is not blood coming out of her right ear anymore.  She is pretty hard of hearing as she can't wear her hearing aid in her left ear and has to have drops in both ears for the next 5 days.  Her hip pain comes and goes and we are just not sure if it's better or worse than before.  Right now it's about staying comfortable and ahead of the pain.  Her nurses are doing a great job. 

I am glad I worked a half day today.  After I got back this afternoon we managed to grab some lunch, and spend some time visiting with friends.  Cassidy's uncle, our friend Paige and our friend Susan were all here this afternoon as well as myself, Allen, and Ella.  I was going to walk Susan back out to her car, forgot my parent pass, had my brother bring it out to me, when guess who got off the elevator?  Russell Wilson!  We debated for a moment, then I approached him at the PICU desk and said hi.  I asked if he could come see Cassidy in the PICU, she had her jersey out, and would love to meet him.  He of course said yes.  He followed me down the hall asking questions about her.  I told him briefly that she was in for her 31st surgery, how old she was etc.  I walked into the room and told her "Look who I found in the hallway!!"  She perked up and then her eyes got real big......and she got this huge grin on her face.  She was so excited to see him.  He was a gentleman and said that he came to see just her!!  That he was so blessed to meet her and he would be praying for her.  He gave her a signed poster, a book from the 49's game, to which she told him we call them the 40-whiners....he said no comment!  Then he signed her jersey!  Took some photos, and took a photo with Ella too.  Shook hands around the room. and gave hugs to Cassidy and I.   Told her what an angel she was.  Such a gracious man.  Truly an honor.  It really perked her up tonight. 

Then a little while later I noticed that she had his sunglasses still in her bed.  I went to the front desk of the PICU and waited while he was paged.  It took a while but the volunteer that was with him came and got them back from me.  I was hoping to say thank you again but no such luck.  As a side note, he posted the pic on his Facebook feed, and last time I looked there were 15k plus likes, with almost 300 comments, and on Instagram 23k likes and counting with 175+ comments.  Very inspiring to read all of the comments that are uplifting and will be reading them to Cass when she is awake. 

Plan for tonight is to rest, and stay ahead of the pain.  Move to floor tomorrow sometime.  Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. 

Much love,