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Cassidy’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about Cassidy.Be sure to read the latest in the journal, view the photo gallery, and drop us a line in the guestbook.Cassidy was born with a rare genetic condition called Conradi-Hunermann Syndrome. It affects her spine so she has scoliosis and kyphosis for which she has two VEPTR's (titanium ribs) to help keep her spine straighter. She has limb length issues. Her right side is shorter and she wears foot on foot prosthesis.  Her vision has now been corrected in her right eye. She had a very severe cataract in that eye that has now been replaced with a lens. We call it the bionic eye! She also has some patchy alopecia (otherwise known as bald spots). Cassidy also has some hearing loss in her left ear. This has been corrected with a hearing aid that she wears most days (it even has bluetooth in it!).  She has had 36 surgeries to date with more to come, usually one every six months. If you are interested in reading our journal on our other page please feel free to do so. You can find it at; Thanks for checking up on us! Please feel free to email me with any questions. Much love!

Latest Journal Update

Surgery cancelled

Hi Everyone,

We had to cancel surgery. Cassidy is running a 101.8 degree fever.

We are working on rescheduling. More details coming soon.

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Susan Olson
By Susan Olson
Oh rats. Sorry. Hope they can get her in again quickly. After all the planning and such, a delay has got to be really frustrating.
Makenna Schwab
By Kenna
Praying for you guys! Feel better soon sis!!!!!!
Jessica Young
By Jessica
Oh no! I'm sorry to hear it. Feel better soon, Cassidy!
Tina DeVries
Thinking of you often...sending love & prayer support!
Stevie Torstenbo
By Stevie
Oh, I'm sorry to hear this! I hope she is better soon! Please also let me know if there is anything I can do to help in any way!
Barbara Moak
By Barbara Moak
So sorry to hear this! You're both in my thoughts and prayers.