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Cassidy’s Story

This is Cassidy-she had a STROKE before she was even born...I started this site so that family and friends can be updated on her struggles and triumphs throughout her life. Please sign our guestbook so that we know you were here!

Cassidy was born October 11, 2003. She was perfect-small and wouldn't nurse, but we chalked that up to being jaundice. Everything was fine until Lawrence and I began to notice that Cass wouldn't put any weight on her right leg and her toes were always curled. This was when she was about 7 or 8 months old. Long story short, not until she was almost 2 years old, when we finally got a diagnosis of an inutero stroke. The doctors told us that the part of her brain that was affected was related to her speech and motor development. Lawrence and I were floored-we had no idea that a baby could have a stroke, much less before she was even born!! We were assured it was a mild stroke, but we didn't care how mild it was. What was going to be in store for our little girl? She got fitted for braces on both legs-boy did she hate that. Cass finally began to walk at about 16 months old and once she mastered that, she finally began to talk. And she talks good now, so I'm not too sure that her speech was affected.  She has gotten botox injections twice now up at Cincinnati Children's-that was awful, but we did see improvement in her range of motion and flexibility. She was also involved in a stroke study in San Diego when she was 2-we had a good time there seeing relatives and flying for the first time. We learned alot from the doctor out there. Currently, Cassidy does PT and OT once a week, and she also does therapeutic horseback riding, which she absolutely loves! And just recently, she learned to tie her shoes, using both hands! I am amazed at how much she has accomplished in 3 years. She is truly my hero and I love her very much!

Latest Journal Update

More changes

We are yet again in another state. This one for good. The kids and I moved back to our hometown of Omaha. Cassidy is back in OT and PT and she will be starting water therapy again at the end of May. She has missed the water! She also got a new brace-this one is different that any other she's had before, and I'll try to get some new pictures on here so you can see. She likes it, but then again doesn't like it-it's black and has 2 parts and is very noticable when she wears shorts. But she has a wonderful support system at her school and they all have her back! 
  Cassidy continues to do well in therapy. She gains strength every week on her right side. She has been invited by a local news channel to do a story on her and pediatric stroke. We will be taping on May 23rd and I will let everyone know when it will air. She is very excited about being on television again and can't wait to charm everyone that sees her!
Second grade is just about over for Cassidy-she's had a wonderful year, full of new friends and an amazing teacher. I am so grateful for bringing this teacher into our lives. She is just wonderful, and we will be so upset when we have to leave her at the end of the year! I keep asking her to move up to 3rd grade so she can be with Cass again. 
On Saturday, May 5th, Cassidy will be participating in the American Heart Association's Heart Walk in Omaha. She is very excited about doing this, even though I'm sure she doesn't know that we have to be there at 7am! And then, on Sunday the 6th, she will be receiving her First Holy Communion. I am so proud of all that she has accomplished in her little life!