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Casey’s Story

Welcome to Casey River Fisher's webpage. On November 26th 2012 we admitted Casey into CHLA (Children's Hospital in Los Angeles). On November 29th at approximately 3:00 pm Casey was diagnosed with (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Up to this point in Casey's life he was an innocent fun loving 8 year old. Now with the diagnoses of cancer his life will be changed forever. As Casey's parents we are going to keep his spirits high but no child should ever have to go thru something like this.

To those who don't know here is a little history of what is going on with our son Casey.Approximately one month ago Casey started to have a fever in the evenings. After multiple blood analysis and ruling out simple causes of his elevated white blood cell count, on Monday the 26th of November after an appointment with Casey's pediatrician, Dr. Jabaji decided it was time to take the steps to find out what was going on with his blood and contacted Children's Hospital in Los Angeles. Upon contacting the hospital the doctors advised us to admit him immediately. Casey was admitted to CHLA Monday night at 9:00 pm.On Wednesday the 28th Casey had a bone marrow biopsy and by Thursday the oncology team gave us the diagnosis that he has (ALL) Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
On Friday the 29th Casey had his first chemotherapy procedure which involved a Lumbar puncture (spinal tap) to administer the first drugs as well as take a sample of the spinal fluid for analysis, also during the procedure they put a PICC line in his arm for drawing blood and administering chemotherapy drugs. After the procedure he then was taken for an MRI and after all he had been thru fell asleep in the MRI machine. Our son's case is a rare one for a few reasons. #1 is that he not only has a high white blood cell count also the eosinophile cells in the white blood cells are extremely high. The normal baseline for eosinophiles should be 3.5% of the white blood cells and Casey's count was 85%. #2 The high eosinophile count in his blood did some damage to the lining of both ventricles of his heart and created blood clots in both ventricles. #3 When they did a bone marrow biopsy they found staph infection in his bone marrow. With this development in his heart the treatment has been slowed because the clots have to be addressed first with a blood thinner and closely monitored because if they break loose the clots can cause and embolism. One bit of good news is that the analysis of the spinal fluid to see if the cancer was in his brain were negative, there were no cancer cells in his brain.Friday night after the MRI the doctors began to give casey the blood thinners to get his blood ready before giving any chemotherapy drugs, as they must work in coordination with each other.
Today is Saturday, the blood thinner is still being administered and by this evening the next round of chemotherapy drugs will be given as well.The Oncologist told us that by the 4th or 5th day of chemotherapy the cancer will melt away and signs of cancer will diminish. Even though this is exciting news the whole process including maintenance after 6 months will take 3 years.The doctors as well as this awesome hospital are amazing. The Oncologists, Hematologists, Cardiologists, Infectious disease, along with other specialists make a team who all collaborate together to come up with a plan of how best attack each case.

Long story short this has been a whirlwind week and we are definitely staying positive for a great outcome for Case. We want to thank everyone for the outpouring of thoughts and prayers and the continued support. Alan, Susan and especially Casey !

Latest Journal Update


  Casey has fought long and hard for 21/2 years. He has overcome what seemed to be insurmountable complications during his fight. He truly is a warrior and we are so proud to have him as our son. 
  On a previous clinic day at CHLA we learned from Casey's primary oncologist that she has decided to end chemotherapy treatments a little sooner than we had thought. Dr. Sun explained her reasoning. She said that Casey has been cancer free since December of 2012 and that continuing chemotherapy for another 6 months will not make a difference in his treatment. She also said that she wants to stop the chemo so that Casey's body can recover and heal from all the treatments he has endured and to ready him for a heart transplant if necessary. Of course we hold on to hope that once his body has a chance to heal that his heart function will improve but that will remain to be seen as time goes on..
  All that being said, as of Monday 4/27, Casey has had his last I.V. (vincristine) chemotherapy. The last two rounds of I.V. chemo have been strong doses as Dr. Sun is ending the treatments aggressively. As a result Casey's white blood cell count is very low at 400 and his immune system is completely suppressed. He has been very lethargic and is taking is easy. He has developed sores inside his mouth so Susan took him to CHLA yesterday (Thursday 5/7) to be checked out as a precaution. They drew blood for labs to check his levels and to see if he has an infection but he does not. As a precaution, a pill form antibiotic has been prescribed for the next 5 days. 

  When the labs came back and they saw how low his white blood cell count is the doctors decided to stop the chemotherapy immediately. With his WBC so low they would normally hold chemotherapy until his cells recovered, but since it will take a couple of weeks for that to happen Casey's chemotherapy has officially ended by default...YEAH!!!  THANK YOU JESUS! 

   It wasn't until last night that this really registered with Casey and us when Susan brought his evening meds to him and there was only 3 pills in the dish. Usually he would take 7 to 8 pills  four times per day. On a typical day Casey would take 30 to 35 pills total during the course of the day... Casey looked up at Susan and said "that's all I have to take now?" With a smile on her face she replied "yes baby your chemotherapy is all done now". It was a happy moment for us all. 

  Casey has endured this marathon journey he/we have been on for 21/2 years without wavering and now his body will have a chance to recover. Even though treatment of his heart condition will be ongoing, now that he is off of chemotherapy we are hoping and praying that with help from the Good Lord above that his body will completely heal. We are excited and looking forward to this next chapter of our lives..

The pictures are from when Casey was first diagnosed in November of 2012 to current...

Thanks and many blessings to all who have supported Casey and us on this journey, we are forever grateful !

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Sue Althouse
By Sue Althouse
Congratulations. Such great news!!!
Joanne Keniston
By Joanne Keniston
That is such great news! So happy for all of you! ❤️❤️
Chad Calvert
By Chad calvert
What huge blessing! Now we will continue to pray for healing of Caseys heart. What a warrior he has been. There is a hunger for life God has put in Casey. Love to you guys!
Ruth Rutte
By Ruth Rutte
So glad to hear it! I think of all of you often and am always sending you good thoughts!
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