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By Linda Fruggiero — Dec 23, 2013 8:40am
Good Morning Bicknell's,
May I say, you are the most endearing, strongest family I believe I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Hearing about how wonderful you are through my daughter's eyes was one thing, however meeting Barry and Brittany in person and seeing Casey again was another!!  Casey, when you looked at me in the eye, those beautiful blue eyes,  you looked directly into my soul.  I felt such a warm gentle connection yet as gentle as it was, it was also strong and reassuring, and left me with your positive energy.  I felt like you were letting Marlaina and I know you were getting stronger and missed us. Your hug that you gave Marlaina told it all as well!!!  Your love for life and the people around you is HUGE, I must tell you that you are my HERO:)  Please plant your Christmas tree and every Christmas that we can we want to visit you and watch you grow as strong as your new tree!!  Brittany, I told my story to your Dad and I can't tell you how you brought tears to my eyes as to the most wonderful sister any guy could have.  Your love just shines through.  I have wished and prayed many times that I could have been there for my brother. I would have been just like you, but I didn't get that chance.  I would have given anything to have it. I am so glad that you are there for him.  You are so strong, your family and friends must be so proud of you.  Your parents are amazing; as we all know there is absolutely nothing in life, nothing harder then what you have experienced.  No one can ever understand unless they have been through it.  May God give you all his love and compassion and strength and guidance along this journey to get Casey stronger everyday.  Barry, when you finish the gym please give me a shout.  With your help, I would like train Casey and get his muscles stronger!!  We can't thank you again for giving us your time and energy.  We can only imagine how every single second of life is a challenge, however you can say your doing it and much, much, much more.  You never give up and that is why you will succeed .........much more, and more and more!!
With Lots of Love and Affection,  Linda and Marlaina Fruggerio