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Casey "C.J."’s Story

Welcome to Casey "C.J." Bicknell's CaringBridge website. We've created it to keep friends and family updated about our loved one. 
CASEY J. BICKNELL, Special Needs Trust:
A benifit account #4150709296 has been set up at any Seacoast National Bank 11711 S.E. Federal Hwy., Hobe Sound, Fl. 33455. Also by PayPal (https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=EYBMK4VAVJYTY)

On the evening of January 6th, 2010   I was running my Corvette at the 1/4 mile drag strip at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida and had a high speed accident that almost took my life.  But before you may jump to judgement that this is another story of a 18 year old boy and a hot rod, let me tell you more about ME.
I was a senior at Martin County High School, a Varsity Letterman in athletics on the school swim team; a good student with a 4.2 GPA advanced placement and honors; after high school classes I was taking college credits at the Indian River State Collage and I had been accepted Florida Gulf Coast University to work towards a civil engineering degree. 
OK, feeling confident in my driving skills for 2 years and wanting to drive my corvette in a controlled race track setting, I was excited about this experience! Up to the starting lights and I was off for a 1/4 mile straight run to 109 MPH; After that I don't recall what happened?? I went through a gravel area, through a wire safety net, into the sand box before I hit the wall at the end. The paramedics and EMT freed me unconscious from the wreckage. I was trauma hawked by helicopter to the St. Mary's Hospital trauma center in W.P.B. with only one vital sign, a heart beat! Once there quickly into CT scan and testing finding a severe head trauma and then on to a 2.5 hour surgery for a hemicraniectomy (skull cap removal) on my right side. Now back in recovery just 40 mins I was loosing my heart rate down to 30 bpm (86 bpm normal) and once again rushed back into emergency surgery for a left hemicraniectomy to save my life.  I   am    alive  !!
I have a large extended Family, some 25 of us including Mom, Dad, and Sister Brittany who are there in prayer and support.
My Friends, teammates, neighbors along with my girlfriend Chelsea being there with God as my Sheperd I am sure had healing powers. Thank You All.
The medical professionals at St. Mary's Medical Center in W.P.B. are the Best and I owe my life to them <3  I will Thank You All in person when I see you.

** You know it's not what's behind you or before you that matters, it's what's WITHIN YOU that matters the most.
I am in trusted and familiar hands.....God's and my own**

Gods Love,

Latest Journal Update


MIND BLOCK:  Sorry to Casey followers that I have been away from CaringBridge for two months. My last post was that I was taking some time off/away (1 week) from CJ and FINR, that we both probability needed a break from each other and the day to day, minute to minute mundane that is our lives here at FINR. When I started this CaringBridge journal I set 2 years as the completion period; then 2 more years extension. Progress is slow and my mind gets writers block on Just what to say? I have thought allot about this being my last entry, but have been told to just keep Casey's Journey on-going even if it is some time between entries.

So here is a catch-up over the past two months:

Casey was without his anti-seizure keppra medication for just 2 days over a weekend and he had his second seizure. This was the first time Kathy had seen a seizure and of course it scarred her. We took CJ to Martin Mem Hosp for keppra treatment and he was released back to FINR.

One morning while at FINR Casey was acting lethargic and flaccid/loose with lack of muscle tone or tightness; Barry suspected a bachlophen pump failure? Casey was then sent to three (3) different hospitals over a 5 day period. I stayed right beside CJ sleeping in a chair, no shower, same clothes. It was determined that CJ was dehydrated and the bachlophen became concentrated in his muscles.

Speaking of dehydrated, Casey has not been digesting his food well; this caused a withholding of food and water (to full); this caused dehydration; this caused a bechlophen concentration; this caused a slow down in BM digestion. I decided that Casey needed a complete bowel cleansing top to bottom, all 20 feet of intestinal track. The result worked.....no more fullness, no more food water withholding, no more dehydration, meds are stable again.

Our daughter Brittany graduated 2 weeks ago; we are so very Proud of her. But the period also marked the moment that Casey was also to graduate from the same university. Due to overnight stays and Casey Care logistics problems, Casey was not able to be there to see his sister graduate and he remained at FINR for the weekend.

GM has made headlines this month with the largest and unpresidented 13MM cars (include 2006 vettes) recalled for active handling traction control, steering, braking, seatbelts and airbag deployment issues. Some defects known by GM for up to 10 years prior......I cant say any more.

I don't know when I will be writing again, but thank you for Caring, for following, for your Love, Prayers and support to our family.


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Alice Dycus
By Alice Dycus
Barry, Casey and family, just wanted to hear from you and let you know that my prayers for Casey and all of you are still being said!!! Please get us updated over the past few months, when you get a chance. We love all of you!!!
Debi Kristyak
By Debi
Just stopping to say 'hello' and that I'm thinking of you all.
debbie mccollum
You sound so discouraged. Just know not only do we pray for Casey but for all of you. You are doing an amazing job. Thank you for introducing Casey to us. Take Care !!!
Cyndi (Johnson) Hill
By Cyndi (Johnson) Hill
Glad Casey is better! You are a GREAT Dad!!! God bless you all! Congratulations to Brittany!!
erick collazo
By The Collazo Family
Bicknells, Congrats to Brittany ! We know she has been through this ordeal too. You guys continue to be an amazing family providing love and care for Casey. We've learned that TBI is a roller coaster and we are here for you!
Linda O'Keeffe
By Linda Aufdenspring
Glad to read that Casey's meds, hydration, etc are again stable. Certainly realize you need "time off"( probably more frequently), but hope you continue the journal, even with infrequent entries. So many of us care and pray for Casey and the whole family.
Katherine LaLime
Congratulations to Brittany. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Still and always.
Vicki Rogerson
By Vicki (Rogerson)
Congratulations to Brittany. Such joy and sorrow at the same time. Thank you for writing about what is an unbelievably difficult time in your life. If keeping these updates don't provide any catharsis or value to you- I'm sure everyone would understand if you stopped. You must only do what is right for you and Casey, Brittany and Kathy.