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Casandra’s Story

On July 29th, 2009 Casandra presented to Billings Clinic with stomach pain, where tests were performed and it was determined that she has Cancer. Casandra has been diagnosed with Alveolar Rhadbdomyosarcoma( RHABDO) Stage 4, which translates to cancer of the muscle. She will recieve initial treatment in Aurora Co, then head back to Billings.

On October 3, 1994, a beautiful, wonderful little baby girl named Casandra entered our world. Her infectious smile and absolutely adorable face would melt anyones heart.  Casandra has blossomed into a spunky teenager full of charisma and  great personality. Right before our eyes she is developing into a gorgeous young lady. Casandra presented to Billings Clinic on Wednesday July 29th with stomach pain, an ultrasound revealed that she had a tumor on her ovary and fluid in her stomach. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. Before surgery the Dr. performed a pelvic exam which revealed that she had other things going on besides the ovary tumor. Tests were done and it was found that she has cancer in the lining between her vagina and rectum. They referred her immediately to the Children's Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, to have surgery to remove the tumors in both her rectum and ovary. Upon arrival to the Children's Hospital, it was found that Casandra's cancer was in-operable at this point.  A bone marrrow aspiration was done and it was found that her bone marrow is CLEAN!! YAY!!! Casandra will receive aggressive chemotherapy treatment for her Stage 4 cancer beginning in August, 2009 in Aurora, CO.  Along with her mom and dad, Tina and Drew, Casandra is faced with her toughest challenge yet, but anyone that knows her, understands her strong will and zest for life.  Please keep her and her family in your prayers and together we will all support one another.

Latest Journal Update


Thanks to EVERYONE who attended Cassie's funeral & reception. What a way to celebrate Cassie. It was just how she wanted it!!

Want to remind everyone of the benefit Run/Walk on Saturday March 24th this Saturday. Please visit Senior Highs website to register
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE & SUPPORT!! See you Saturday!!!!!!!!