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Carter’s Story

Our son, Carter Wax, was diagnosed with stage IV, high-risk, Neuroblastoma in Feb. 2008. Nine months of aggressive treatment followed before he was diagnosed as terminally ill. At that time we brought him home to live & experience the remainder of his short life surrounded by love. Our son died on Jan. 5, 2009, while sleeping between us. Carter was 21 months old.

Latest Journal Update

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Today would have been Carter’s 8th birthday.  These posts are never easy to write and most likely the reason we seldom update this page much anymore.  So rather than dwell on all the sad stuff, I would like to focus on happier things this time around.


You might be wondering who that gorgeous dog is?  Meet the newest member of our family, Ms. Lulu “Saucisson” Wax.  We got her about two months ago.  Her original owner, a little old lady, passed away and her daughter gave Lulu to us.  Now before we got the dog, we laid down some serious ground rules (no dog on the couch, no feeding it human food, and no dog in our bed).  Within the span of 3 weeks of cuddling and playing with Lulu, we managed to completely break every rule we put in place.   We all love the dog but it’s clear she has a favorite.  Maudy is now Lulu’s little old lady. 


Lulu appears to be stuck to Maudy with velcro.  If Maudy sits down, Lulu jumps in her lap.  If Maudy leaves the room, Lulu will settle for sitting in my lap or playing with the kids.  Of course if Maudy returns to the room, Lulu is right back in her lap.  I can’t help but feel a little used by this dog.  Sure, she’ll sit in my lap and let me pet her but I know she’s just pining for her little old lady.  She is so in tune with Maudy that when Maudy is depressed about Carter, as she has been this week, Lulu will not leave her side.  She is a wonderful addition to our family, even if she won’t love me in the way I deserved to be loved.


Maudy and I were talking today about some of the funnier things we remember about Carter.  He was to be a scheduled C-section so on the day he was to be born, Maudy’s parents took us to breakfast at Elmer’s for one last nice meal before the procedure.  It was a feast.  We ate good.  We ate the way you’d expect a person to eat just before they shipped off to sea or were 37 weeks pregnant and had to fast the rest of the day.  Later that day we went to the hospital and when we got there the nurse informed me that the doctor wanted to do the procedure early because he wanted to go home.  The nurse said, “When did you last eat.”  Maudy said, “This morning.”  Then the nurse said, “And what did you eat?”  “Chicken Fried Steak,” Maudy replied.  The nurse gave us side eye and sighed.  Maudy asked if that was a problem and the nurse said, “I wish you had eaten cheerios." The nurse than gets on the phone with the Doctor.  This is what we hear.  “Hello Doctor.  Yes she’s here.  Yes.  Yes.  Chicken Fried Steak.  No.  CHICKEN FRIED STEAK.  I know.  I know.  What are you gonna do, right?”  Needless to say the procedure started later than scheduled and they plopped that baby boy on Maudy’s chest.  I would wager this was one of the happiest moments in Maudy’s life – mine too.   Despite everything that happened later on, it was a beautiful moment that I will never forget.  Also, the Chicken Fried Steak was so worth it!


I remember my first Father’s Day with Carter.  Maudy took me, Makena and Carter to Chevy’s.  I know what you’re thinking?  It’s just corporate America’s bastardized version of Mexican food.  I get it.  And I agree with you but on Father’s day at Chevy’s, you get a free Sombrero.  Look, my children are ½ Mexican, and I want them to have a good understanding of their culture but when there is a free Sombrero on the line, it’s time for everybody to enjoy their Sweet Corn Tomailtos – just as they did in the old country – and let Dad have his day at Chevy’s.  In any case, the food comes to the table and Carter poops himself because that’s nature’s way of telling parents you should have ordered in.  Maudy goes to pick him up to change him when I stop her and said, “Don’t worry Babe, I got this.”  I took him to the bathroom only to find out that I did not have this.  In fact, between whatever he did and whatever I tried to do, we wound up leaving the restroom with Carter in a fresh diaper – and only a fresh diaper.  What once were his clothes were relegated to the trash and now Carter was sitting in a high chair wearing nothing but a diaper and MY Sombrero.


In any case, we are working hard to remember the better times because they are what keep us going.  Today we will be going to Elmer’s (Chevy’s went out of business) to have a nice dinner (or breakfast at dinner) and remember our son.  Here’s hoping that the good times outweigh the bad in all of our lives.  




Chris, Carter, Maudy, Makena, Lily and Lulu

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Jennifer Soden
By Jennifer Soden
Happy Birthday, Carter!
Last week I was out of town and off line, but you were all in my thoughts! Of course, I didn't know about Lulu yet :) Happy she found you and you found her! Sending you all my love.
ellia hill
By ellia hill/Greenbeanbaby
And happy birthday carter!
ellia hill
By ellia hill/Greenbeanbaby
Sweet carter.... It's good to look at the happy moments and so nice to see that your family has acquired a pup who needed your family as much as you needed the pup :) big hugs to you all ❤️
Amy Dixon
By Amy Dixon
I knew that Carter's birthday was coming up. Your post made me smile, and Chicken Fried Steak? Yeah, that made me giggle. Happy Birthday, Sweet Carter.
JM Vazquez
Funny story about my Butterbean. Carter’s front teeth came in with vengeance. He was playing with his trains and I called him over to me, I wanted to give him some crazy lovin. I said come to Grandy, Bugs Bunny, Maudy made a funny gasping sound and said you did not just call him Bugs Bunny, I said come on Mija , he looks just like bugs bunny with his big chiclet front teeth. Maudy looked over and said Monkey, Grandys right you do look like bugs bunny and we both laughed, I scooped Carter up in my arms and we laughed. I love you MIjo Forever and fever and always and always. Grandy.