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The month of September is Leukodystrophy Awareness Month, and its official color is navy blue. So this month wear navy blue, tie some ribbons to your car, your trees, etc. and let people know about this family of diseases that has no cure. Did you know that many Leukodystrophies are misdiagnosed as ADHD , Epilepsy ,Bipolar Disorder ,Multiple Sclerosis? Caroline was misdiagnosed as having Cerebral Palsy before the true diagnosis was found. While Caroline's Leukodystrophy is unique (that we are aware of), it is closest to Vanishing White Matter Disease. No matter what you call it though, this disease robbed the world of such a bright light and stole this amazing little girl's life. Very few people know what Leukodystrophy is and unless people know about it it will never be cured. Learn more at and . Watch the move "Lorenzo's Oil" to learn about another form of Leukodystrophy. And, please, remember Caroline and the hard battle that she fought against a disease that always wins - for now.